Deprecated features in Dreamweaver CC 2017

Deprecated features in Dreamweaver CC 2017

The following features have been deprecated in Adobe Dreamweaver release 2017:

  • The Coding toolbar is removed. Instead, a common customizable toolbar is available in Dreamweaver CC 2017. For more information on the new toolbar, see Toolbar overview.
  • SVN is no longer available from this release.
  • Keyboard shortcuts to insert snippets is no longer supported. Instead, you can use trigger keys to insert snippets. For more information, see Reuse code with snippets.
  • The History panel has been removed.
  • In previous releases of Dreamweaver, if the focus of the page is on a frameset, the Property Inspector is displayed. From this release onwards, the Property Inspector is not displayed for framesets.
  • The New Document dialog box does not support Fluid grid option. You can no longer create new fluid grid documents.
  • The CSS Rule Definition dialog box in the Property Inspector is removed.


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