How to use the Adobe Captivate Library

Library overview

An Adobe Captivate library is a repository of resources, such as, audio files, images, and animations. Every Adobe Captivate project contains its own library.

Resources or ‘items’ are automatically added to the library when you use them in the project. However, you can also import them into the library and use them when needed.

By default, the Library panel is displayed in all the preset workspaces, except in the Quizzing workspace. To hide (or show) the Library panel, select Window > Library.

The items in the library are categorized and organized in folders, such as, Audio, Images, and Media. The following information is displayed for each item:

  • Name

  • Type

  • Size (in kilobytes)

  • Use Count, which indicates the number of times the item is used in the project.

  • Date Modified


Click the title of any of these columns to sort the list of items within each folder.

Using the Library panel, you can do the following:

  • Edit the properties of the items.

  • Reuse the items within a project as well as across other Adobe Captivate projects by exporting or importing them.

  • Synchronize the items with their source files. You can also open and edit the source files directly in the supported programs.

Import objects into the Library

You can import objects from other Adobe Captivate projects or templates into the library of your current project.

  1. Select File > Import > External Library.

  2. In the Open dialog box, navigate to and select the Adobe Captivate project or project template from which you want to import objects.

  3. Click Open. The external library panel appears.

  4. Drag-and-drop the required items from the external library panel to the current project’s library.

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