Elements Organizer: Impact of uninstalling Apple QuickTime | Windows-only

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Impacted products

Elements Organizer

Impacted product versions

Elements Organizer 11 through 14


In April 2016, the United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team issued Alert TA16-105A. This alert recommends that Windows users uninstall Apple QuickTime from their computers.

While Adobe has been making extensive efforts to remove dependencies on QuickTime from its applications, depending on your workflows, you may still observe some impact on functionality after uninstalling QuickTime. Adobe is working to minimize this impact in future updates.


After QuickTime uninstallation, there may be some changes in thumbnail generation and playback behavior of some of the video formats:

  • Generic thumbnails might be displayed for some of the video files.
  • Some video files might become unavailable for playback. The following dialog is displayed when you try to play such files:

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