Learn how to view video projects in Elements Organizer.

Elements Organizer displays the list of projects you have created using Adobe Premiere Elements. However, you cannot rename, edit, or add media files to these projects in Elements Organizer. To edit or add media files to these projects, launch Adobe Premiere Elements. To view the video projects created in Adobe Premiere Elements, do the following:

  1. In Elements Organizer, expand Albums (click the triangle beside Albums). Elements Organizer displays a list of albums and the option Video projects. 
  2. Expand Video Projects (click the triangle beside Projects) to view a list of the video projects. Click on a video project to view the media present in that project.
  3. Select the project you want to work with, and right-click/control-click on the project to open a context menu with the following options:

Open With Premiere Elements Editor Select this option to view the project.

Delete Select this option to delete the video project from the catalog.

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