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Keys for editing photos

  1. Elements Organizer User Guide
  2. Introduction
    1. What is Elements Organizer?
    2. What's new in Elements Organizer
    3. System requirements | Elements Organizer
    4. Workspace basics
    5. Importing media in bulk
    6. Using Elements Organizer and Adobe Premiere Elements together
  3. Workspace and workflow
    1. Workspace basics
    2. View and share auto-created collages, slideshows, and more
    3. Use Media view to manage photos and videos
    4. Keys for editing photos
    5. Keys for finding photos
    6. Keys for viewing photos
    7. Using Elements Organizer and Adobe Premiere Elements together
    8. Selecting country or region
  4. Importing media files
    1. Importing media from cameras and card readers
    2. Importing media in bulk
    3. Importing media from iPhoto library (Mac OS only)
    4. Importing photos from scanners (Windows only)
    5. Importing media from files and folders
  5. Viewing and fixing media files
    1. Use Media view to manage photos and videos
    2. View video and full-screen images
    3. Grouping photos in version sets
    4. Fixing photos in Elements Organizer
    5. Fixing photos and videos using other applications
    6. Auto-curate your best photos
  6. Marking places, faces, and events
    1. Adding and managing place (location) data
    2. Marking faces and organizing media in People view
    3. Adding and managing event data
    4. Creating event stacks using Smart Events
  7. Managing catalogs, folders, and albums
    1. Creating albums and album categories
    2. Editing albums and album categories
    3. Create and edit catalogs in Elements Organizer
    4. Back up or restore catalogs | Elements Organizer 2018
    5. Tag your media
    6. Using Smart Tags
    7. Creating and editing Saved Searches
    8. Back up or restore catalogs | Elements Organizer 15 and earlier versions
    9. Troubleshooting catalog issues
  8. Searching photos and videos
    1. Using Enhanced Search
    2. Using the Find menu
    3. Finding media files by keyword tags
    4. Search options to find media
    5. Searching for media files
    6. Finding media files using Timeline
  9. Creating photo projects
    1. Elements Organizer projects overview
    2. Slideshows
    3. Creating photo calendar
    4. Creating slide shows (Windows only) | Elements 12
  10. Creating video projects
    1. Create instant movies and video stories
    2. Viewing video projects
  11. Printing, sharing, and exporting
    1. Printing photos
    2. Sending photos and media files by email
    3. Email photos as PDF file
    4. Share videos
    5. Export photos
    6. Share photos using online services
    7. Set e-mail preferences

Use keyboard shortcuts to edit your photos much more easily in Elements Organizer.

This partial list includes the most helpful shortcuts. You'll find additional shortcuts in menu commands and tool tips.


Shortcut (Windows)

Shortcut (Mac OS)

Undo last operation

Ctrl + Z

Cmd + Z

Redo last operation

Ctrl + Y

Cmd + Y


Ctrl + C

Cmd + C


Ctrl + V

Cmd + V

Select all

Ctrl + A

Cmd + A


Ctrl + Shift + A

Cmd + Shift + A

Rotate 90 degrees left

Ctrl + Left Arrow

Cmd + Left Arrow

Rotate 90 degrees right

Ctrl + Right Arrow

Cmd + Right Arrow

Edit with Photoshop Elements Editor (Full Edit)

Ctrl + I

Cmd + I

Display Properties panel

Alt + Enter

Alt + Enter

Adjust date and time of photo

Ctrl + J

Cmd + J

Add caption

Ctrl + Shift + T

Cmd + Shift + T

Update thumbnails

Ctrl + Shift + U

Cmd + Shift + U

Set photo as desktop wallpaper

Ctrl + Shift + W

Open Color Settings dialog box

Ctrl + Alt + G

Cmd + Alt + G

Open a file in Premiere Elements Editor


Cmd + M

Zoom in

Ctrl + +

Cmd + +

Zoom out

Ctrl + -

Cmd + -







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