The extensive new enhancements in Elements Organizer 14 combine powerful features with an intuitive interface, taking your media management and editing experience to a new level.

Elements Organizer now groups together similar-looking faces, making it easier for you to tag people in your photographs and to organize and view your photos based on the people in them. 

Elements Organizer 14 analyzes the date and time information to take the work out of arranging and viewing your memories by events. Thus, it is easier than ever before to mark and find your media files based on events such as birthday parties, mother’s day, father’s day, or family vacations.

The improved Places view lets you browse your media files faster by location and time. The new Pinned tab lets you view your media files right there on the map at the tagged location.

And, a new onboarding experience and a new intuitive, visual interface for importing your files make it easier for you to start using Elements Organizer. 

In short, Elements Organizer 14 helps you do more things, more easily.


Powerful and easier people recognition

It is now even easier and faster to tag people in your photos. You no more have to select the faces individually in the Media view and tag them.

Elements Organizer now automatically groups similar faces for you during import. Once you have finished importing, faces of all people who have not yet been named are displayed in the new UnNamed tab of the People view. You just click once to tag friends and family members for an entire batch of photos. 


The Named tab of the People room displays the profiles of all the people whom you have already named. In the Named tab you can also rename the tags, confirm the tag names and view all Photos and faces in which they appear for each person.

For more information, see Marking faces in photos and organizing people view.

Enhanced and more intuitive Places feature

All your media files with GPS information are now automatically tagged and displayed in the Pinned tab of the Places view. So, if your camera supports GPS tracking, your media files are automatically displayed in the Pinned tab as soon as you have imported them.

If a media file does not have GPS data, it is displayed in the UnPinned tab, where you can add location information for the file. Once you have added this information, the file is displayed in the Pinned tab.


In the Pinned tab, you can click any file to view its details.

You can fine-tune the location once you have tagged your media files. You can also replace the location tag with a custom name to better identify the location or to personalize the location tag (for example, change a location name to “My home”).

For more information, see Viewing and managing place data.

More flexibility in managing event information 

The Events view now provides a more detailed view of how events are tagged to your media files and makes it easier for you to tag events.

The Events view includes two tabs: Named and Suggested.


The media files are organized by date and time. You can increase or decrease the number of tracks displayed in the tab by moving the slider.

The Suggested tab is similar to the Smart Events view in the previous release, but provides you finer control and a better view of media files.

The Named tab displays your files organized by events, providing an easy way for you to view your memories organized by the events in your life.

For more information, see Adding and managing event data.

New onboarding and import experience

The new "Import in Bulk" feature of Elements Organizer 14 provides a visual, intuitive interface and makes it easy for you to import a large number of media files at one go.

The feature is launched automatically when you open Elements Organizer 14 for the first time or when you create a new catalog.


For more information, see Importing media in bulk.

Other enhancements

Elements Organizer 14 includes more enhancements such as performance improvements, support for European date format, ability to create a video story from with in Organizer, and various bug fixes.

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