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Adobe Express for Education FAQ

  1. Adobe Express User Guide
  2. Introduction
    1. Adobe Express overview
    2. What's new in Adobe Express
    3. Adobe Express system requirements
    4. Adobe Express keyboard shortcuts
    5. Adobe Express FAQ
    6. Known issues in Adobe Express
    7. Adobe Express free trial FAQ
    8. Progressive Web App
    9. Add the Adobe Express browser extension
  3. New Adobe Express mobile app
    1. Overview
    2. Frequently asked questions
    3. Known issues
    4. Migrate files
    5. Create images with generative AI
    6. Create text effects with generative AI
    7. Insert objects using Generative Fill
    8. Remove objects using Generative Fill
    9. Generate editable templates using generative AI
    10. Create and edit videos
    11. Explore templates
    12. Collaborate and comment
    13. Schedule and publish social media posts
    14. Work with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator assets
    15. Create and manage brands
  4. Create and edit graphics, photos, and videos
    1. Import and enhance PDFs in Adobe Express
    2. Getting started with Adobe Express templates
    3. Create a new template from scratch
    4. Save templates and assets to favorites
    5. Share designs as remixable templates
    6. Create a web page using Adobe Express
    7. Add multiple pages in Adobe Express
    8. Create a video using Adobe Express
    9. Find and submit Adobe Stock Content ID
    10. Animate texts and photos using Adobe Express
    11. Import color themes from Adobe Color
    12. Apply color themes
    13. Translate files and templates
    14. Work with layers
    15. Use ChatGPT to discover Adobe Express Templates
    16. Add charts to designs
    17. Design for prints
  5. Presentations
    1. Import a PowerPoint file
    2. Explore presentation templates
    3. Manage pages
    4. Present a design
  6. Work with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator creative assets
    1. Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator files in Adobe Express overview
    2. Add Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator as linked images
    3. Convert Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator assets
    4. Best practices for converting Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator files
    5. Troubleshoot linked assets
  7. Backgrounds
    1. Add a background image to your design
    2. Remove backgrounds for videos with ease
    3. Replace page backgrounds from images          
  8. Generative AI
    1. Generate an image from text using generative AI
    2. Generate text effects using generative AI
    3. Insert or replace objects in an image with Generative fill
    4. Remove objects from an image using Generative fill
    5. Generate editable templates using Text to template
  9. Create and manage brands
    1. Create a brand
    2. Edit roles in brands
    3. Apply your brand colors and fonts to designs
    4. Best practices to apply brand colors and fonts
    5. Manage shared brands
    6. Custom fonts
    7. Creative Cloud Libraries
    8. Lock and unlock elements in designs
    9. Set brand style controls on templates
    10. Create from a shared template
    11. Add a color theme to your brand
  10. Create and manage projects
    1. Create projects
    2. Create new files, folders, brands, and libraries
    3. Copy files, brands, and libraries
    4. Move files, brands, and libraries
    5. Share projects
    6. Projects FAQ
    7. Troubleshooting projects
  11. Content Scheduler
    1. Content Scheduler overview
    2. Connect social media accounts
    3. Schedule and publish social media posts
    4. Generate captions (Beta) for social in AI
    5. Media specifications for social media posts
    6. Content Scheduler FAQ
  12. Quick Actions
    1. Resize image using Quick Actions
    2. Remove background from images using Quick Actions
    3. Convert file format of images using Quick Actions
    4. Crop an image using Quick Actions
    5. Animate a character from audio
    6. Add captions to videos using Quick actions 
    7. Trim videos using Quick Actions
    8. Resize a video using Quick Actions
    9. Convert to GIF from a video using Quick Actions
    10. Convert videos to MP4 using Quick Actions
    11. Crop a video using Quick Actions
    12. Merge videos and images using Quick Actions
    13. Convert to or from PDF using Quick Actions
    14. Edit PDF text and images using Quick Actions
    15. Combine files into a single PDF using Quick Actions
    16. Organize Pages into a single PDF using Quick Actions
    17. Generate QR code using Quick Actions
    18. Quick Actions FAQ
  13. Publish and share
    1. Collaborate and comment in Adobe Express
    2. Host a project using Adobe Express
    3. Copy files between accounts
    4. Privacy and permissions
    5. Create TikTok videos and share them to TikTok Ads Manager
    6. Technical requirements for sharing videos to TikTok Ads Manager
    7. Share large files using WeTransfer
    8. Bulk, create, and generate your designs
    9. Technical requirements for using Bulk Create and Generate
    10. Design and order print-ready templates
    11. Printing in Adobe Express FAQ
  14. Adobe Express on mobile
    1. Adobe Express for iOS
    2. Adobe Express for Android
    3. Manage Adobe Express subscriptions on iOS
    4. Manage Adobe Express subscriptions on Android
    5. Manage Adobe Express subscriptions on Samsung Galaxy Store
  15. Adobe Express for Education
    1. Draw with brushes
    2. Snap to shape
    3. Adobe Express for Education FAQ
    4. Adobe Express for Education Teachers FAQ
    5. Adobe Express for Education Students FAQ
    6. Adobe Express for Education onboarding FAQ
    7. Missing icons in Adobe Express mobile app FAQ

Understand the benefits of Adobe Express for Education and get your classroom up and running to create powerful graphics, videos, and presentations quickly in no time.

What is Adobe Express for Education? 

Adobe Express for Education is a free offer for K-12 schools and districts. It gives students and educators everything they need to confidently create standout graphics, photos, presentations, webpages, and videos. Adobe Express lets students and educators express themselves in unique and beautiful ways inside and outside the classroom.  

How is Adobe Express for K-12 Education different from the commercial version of Adobe Express?

While Adobe Express for Education offers the same creative tools found in the commercial version of Adobe Express, it also includes features designed to support student learning and safety, including safe search functionality across Adobe Express.

  • Education-specific privacy controls can be deployed to allow schools and districts to meet student privacy obligations.
  • Easier login: Ability to set up single sign-on so students can easily log in with their existing school ID.
  • Student–friendly Adobe Stock images are included. Plus, safe search for image results that are age-appropriate for K-12 students.
  • There are no paywalls, ads, or popups.
  • Students don't get access to the Discover tab in Adobe Photoshop Express, so they can stay focused on their work.
  • Enhanced controls to keep students safe: schools own the accounts and exercise admin rights.
  • The Educator Resources tab within Adobe Express helps educators find starter content like lesson plans, creative challenges, templates, etc.

Is Adobe Express for Education free for K-12 Education?

Yes! Adobe Express for Education is free for all K-12 educational institutions, educators, and their students.

I have K-12 Creative Cloud All Apps, do I have access to Adobe Express for Education?

Yes, K-12 Creative Cloud All Apps gives users access to Adobe Express for Education and other applications like Photoshop, Illustrator, and more. Read more about Adobe Express for K–12 Education.

What devices can I use to access Adobe Express for Education?



Adobe Express

  • Web browsers on Chromebooks, Netbooks, laptops, and desktops

  • Tablets

  • Mobile devices 

How is Adobe Express different from Adobe Creative Cloud?

Adobe Express is a web-based and mobile application designed for creative beginners who want an easy way to express themselves by editing photos, creating graphics and flyers, making videos, and more. It brings together powerful features from across the Adobe ecosystem in addition to remixable templates, design elements, tutorials, and guidance so creators can get great results fast and have fun building their skills.

Adobe Creative Cloud brings together 20+ of the world’s leading creative desktop and mobile apps and services for creators of all skill levels, from beginners to the most advanced creative professionals. It empowers people to create without limits in virtually any medium, including photography, graphic design, film, video, animation, web and mobile UX, and more.

What happens if I already have a K-12 Adobe Spark for Education account?

As of December 8, 2021, your Adobe Spark for Education K-12 accounts have been upgraded to K-12 Adobe Express for Education. You can use your same Spark username and password to access Adobe Express for Education.

How do I set up K-12 Adobe Express for Education for my school or district?

To learn how IT admins can set up accounts for K-12 schools and districts, visit Request and deploy Adobe Express for Education.  

How does Adobe Express for Education protect K-12 student data?

Adobe Express for Education K-12 accounts are built to meet K-12 student data privacy needs and are different from Adobe Express commercial accounts. K-12 account holders deployed on Enterprise or Federated IDs have the following protections:

  • Education specific privacy controls: Adobe Express for Education K-12 licenses, deployed with Federated or Enterprise IDs, are built to meet student privacy obligations. View our Adobe Student Privacy page for details.
  • Easier login: Ability to set up single sign-on so students can easily log in with their existing school ID. 

  • Image Safe Search: Adobe Stock image search is curated for K-12 students and is age-appropriate.
    Adobe Express image search results are age-appropriate for K-12 students, and Adobe Stock image search is curated for K-12 students as well.

  • Sharing controls: K-12 admins can restrict sharing options for teachers and students inside the Adobe Admin Console.

How can colleges and universities get access to Adobe Express?

  • Colleges and universities with Creative Cloud, All Apps for Higher Education, automatically get access to Adobe Express for Education.

  • Institutions can purchase access to Creative Cloud All Apps for students, faculty, and staff.

  • Individual students can purchase Adobe Express or Creative Cloud All Apps (including Adobe Express) at a special discount for students and educators.

If new customers do not have access to Adobe Spark for Higher Education, how should colleges and universities support student access to Shared Device environments?

  • Previously, customers were guided to deploy Spark to all users requiring shared device license access in order to give users access to Spark, storage, services, and SSO capabilities.

  • Storage, services, and SSO will continue to be supported through deployment of Creative Cloud Shared Device Access, but will not include Spark or Adobe Express apps for new customers.

What if I am a K-12 institution, but I was accidentally using the higher education Spark offer?

As a K-12 institution, you can switch your offer from Higher Education to K12 Education. Talk to your reseller partner or Adobe Enterprise Support for assistance switching to the correct offer. Once you switch to the K12 Adobe Express for Education offer, your students and teachers will get access to everything Adobe Express for Education offers at no cost to your school or district.


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