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  1. Adobe Express User Guide
  2. What's new
    1. New features
      1. What's new in Adobe Express
    2. Beta features
  3. Get set up
    1. Learn the basics
      1. Adobe Express overview
      2. Technical requirements
      3. New mobile app device eligibility
    2. Access the app
      1. Download Adobe Express on Windows
      2. Download Adobe Express on Mac
      3. Download Adobe Express on Chromebook
      4. Install Adobe Express Chrome extension
    3. Preferences and settings
      1. Keyboard shortcuts
  4. Create and edit videos
    1. Create videos
      1. Get started with videos
      2. Add scenes to a video timeline
    2. Edit videos
      1. Remove background from videos
      2. Trim videos
      3. Crop videos
      4. Resize videos
      5. Add Adobe Stock content ID
      6. Animate characters from audio
      7. Caption videos
    3. Organize clips
      1. Adjust layer timing
      2. Merge videos
      3. Locate timed objects in videos
    4. Change file formats
      1. Video quick action file requirements
      2. Convert to GIF
      3. Convert to MP4
  5. Create and edit images
    1. Create and modify with generative AI
      1. Create images with generative AI
      2. Insert or replace objects with generative AI
      3. Remove objects with generative AI
    2. Edit images
      1. Crop images
      2. Resize images
      3. Remove background from images
      4. Use the Chrome extension
    3. Change file formats
      1. Convert image formats
      2. Minimum image requirements
      3. Photo quick action file requirements
  6. Create and edit documents and webpages
    1. Create and edit documents
      1. Convert to PDF
      2. Edit PDFs
      3. Combine files
      4. Organize pages
      5. Convert from PDF
      6. Import PDFs
      7. Enhance PDFs
      8. PDF import technical requirements
    2. Create webpages
      1. Design webpages
      2. Host webpages
    3. Create drawings
      1. Draw with brushes
      2. Use drawing worksheets
      3. Drawing technical requirements and limitations
  7. Create with templates
    1. Create templates
      1. Create editable templates with generative AI
      2. Tips for creating generative AI templates
      3. Browse templates
  8. Add effects to your designs
    1. Add audio
      1. Add audio tracks to designs
      2. Adjust audio track timing
    2. Add animations
      1. Animate overview
      2. Animate design elements
    3. Add text
      1. Add text to designs
      2. Create text effects with generative AI
      3. Add custom fonts to designs
      4. Translate files and templates
      5. Translate technical requirements
    4. Add images
      1. Replace page backgrounds
      2. Set page backgrounds
    5. Create QR codes
      1. Generate QR codes
      2. Add QR codes to designs
  9. Organize your designs
    1. Arrange layers and pages
      1. Group and ungroup objects
      2. Work with layers
      3. Add multiple pages to designs
    2. Import assets
      1. Import color themes from Adobe color
      2. Add linked Photoshop or Illustrator assets
      3. Edit linked Photoshop or Illustrator assets
      4. Import linked Photoshop or Illustrator assets
  10. Share and publish
    1. Share and collaborate
      1. Invite collaborators
      2. Copy files between accounts
      3. Comment on shared files
      4. Privacy and permissions
      5. Unpublish shared files
    2. Schedule and publish content
      1. Media specifications and limitations
      2. Content Scheduler overview
      3. Connect Facebook
      4. Connect Instagram for business
      5. Connect X (Twitter), Pinterest, LinkedIn, or TikTok
      6. Schedule and publish social media posts
  11. Manage libraries and brands
    1. Create libraries and brands
      1. Create libraries
      2. Create brands
      3. Add custom fonts to your brand
      4. Custom fonts overview
    2. Library and brand collaboration
      1. Share libraries
      2. Share brands
      3. Leave shared brands
  12. Adobe Express on mobile
    1. iOS devices
      1. Adobe Express technical requirements for iOS
      2. Install Adobe Express on iOS
      3. Create designs
      4. Manage files
      5. Delete files
      6. Sync files across platforms using Wi-Fi
    2. Android devices
      1. Install Adobe Express on Android
      2. Adobe Express technical requirements for Android
      3. Create designs
      4. Manage files
  13. Troubleshoot
    1. Known and fixed issues
      1. Known issues
      2. Fixed issues
    2. File conversion issues
      1. Error notification when accessing prior files
      2. Unable to locate prior files
      3. Design altered in prior files
    3. Browser extension issues
      1. Error notification when launching the browser extension
      2. The pinned view of the Chrome extension not working
      3. Unknown error notification when editing images
  14. Adobe Express subscription
    1. Free trials
      1. Files created during your free trial
    2. Subscription options
      1. Adobe Express Free
      2. Adobe Express Premium
    3. Manage subscriptions
      1. Cancel Adobe Express on iOS
      2. Cancel Adobe Express on Android
      3. Cancel Adobe Express on Samsung Galaxy Store
  15. Adobe Express for Education
    1. For educators
      1. Adobe Express for Education overview
      2. Adobe Express for Education teachers verification
      3. School or district accounts overview
      4. Classroom accounts overview
      5. Personalize your education settings
    2. For students
      1. Access Adobe Express for Education as a student
      2. Adobe Express for Education students overview

Explore professionally designed Adobe Express templates to create social media posts, flyers, and more.

Adobe Express offers thousands of professionally designed and unique templates for all your social media and marketing needs. Explore templates to create and personalize beautiful social posts, videos, carousels, flyers, presentations, and more.

Adobe Express deeplink
Adobe Express deeplink
Adobe Express deeplink

Try it in the app 
Remix or create new templates in a few simple steps.  

  1. On the Adobe Express homepage, hover over what you want to make and select Browse templates.

  2. Scroll through the templates or select the filter   icon to narrow your results.

  3. Select a template.

  4. Customize the template by adding text, design assets, images, and more.

  5. Download the template to your device or share the template with your audience.


You have created a design using a professionally designed template available in Adobe Express.

Explore the thousands of professionally designed and unique templates available in Adobe Express for all your needs.

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