How to set audio for noninteractive objects

You can add an audio file to noninteractive objects. The audio file is played when the object appears on the slide.

  1. To add audio, go to the Audio area in the Property Inspector (Window > Properties) and then click Add Audio.

    The Object Audio dialog box appears.

    Record Audio

    Click to record. Recording audio requires some basic equipment.

    Stop Audio

    Stops playing the audio file.

    Play Audio

    Plays the audio file.


    Displays the Import Audio dialog box. This dialog box lets you browse to an audio file and import it.


    Opens the Library. The Library lists all audio files that are already part of the currently open Adobe Captivate project.


    This tab lets you edit the audio file in various ways, such as inserting silent periods and adjusting the volume.


    Opens the Audio Settings dialog box. You can change audio settings such as input source, quality level, and calibration. Click the Settings button to make your selections.

  2. Specify the following in the Audio area:

    Stop Slide Audio When Slidelet Appears (for Rollover Slidelet)

    Any audio associated with the slide stops playing when the slidelet appears in the movie.

    Fade In [#] Seconds

    Specifies the time for the audio to fade in to full volume.

    Fade Out [#] Seconds

    Specifies the time for the audio to fade out to silence.

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