Audio pops, glitches | Transitions with dynamic streaming | Flash Media Server 3.5


Audio pops and glitches occur during transitions with dynamic streaming using Adobe Flash Media Server (FMS).


Encode audio using the same bit rate and sample rate.

Additional information

When audio is encoded at different bit rates, pops and glitches are more likely to occur when transitioning with dynamic streaming.

Encode VP6 (FLV) or H.264 (F4V) for dynamic streaming with Flash Media Server 3.5:

For video on demand (VOD), you can use any encoder. Use your favorite video encoding tool, or the new Flash Media Encoding Server, and encode VP6 (FLV) or H.264 (F4V) video. Implementing dynamic streaming with Live content requires an encoder that can synchronize streams. Currently, Flash Media Live Encoder 3 is the only encoder that can synchronize streams.


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