Apply shadows to objects

You can apply shadow effects to all objects in Adobe Captivate, including the placeholder objects. You can also apply shadow effects to objects on Master Slides.

  1. Select the object on the slide. You can also select multiple objects by holding down the Shift key (Windows) or the Control key (Mac).

  2. In the Property Inspector, click Enable in the Shadow accordion. The shadow is applied to the object with default settings. If you have applied a shadow to any object before, those shadow settings are applied by default.

  3. To modify the shadow, do one or both of the following actions:

    • Click one of the options in the Direction check list.

    • Click one of the preset options, or specify the required properties, such as, color (with transparency), distance, blur, and angle.


    You can modify these properties even after selecting a preset.

  4. To apply the effect to multiple objects, click and choose one of the options.

Apply shadows through object effects

Select the object and click Add Effect > Filters > DropShadow in the Effects panel (Windows > Effects).

If you apply a shadow to an object using both Property Inspector and Effects panel, both settings are applied based on the effect's timeline.

For example, consider that you have applied a gray color shadow to a rectangle using the Property Inspector. You then apply the shadow object effect to the rectangle, and specify the color as green. You time the effect such that it gets triggered 2 seconds after the slide begins and lasts until the end of slide.

When the project is played, the gray shadow is displayed for the first 2 seconds. After 2 seconds, both gray and green color shadows are displayed for the rest of the slide.

Here are the differences between the two methods of applying shadows to objects:

Through Property Inspector

Through Effects panel

The shadow is applied to the object instantly.

The shadow is applied based on the timeline of the shadow effect.

The shadow is visible to you at edit time, on stage.

The shadow is not visible during edit time. You can see the effect applied during the preview or in the published output.

The shadow can be merged with the slide background by clicking ‘Merge with Background’.

The shadow cannot be merged with the slide background.

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