System functions

Function Description
DirectoryCreate Creates a directory in a specified path.
DirectoryDelete Deletes a directory in a specified path.
DirectoryExists Checks if a directory exists in a specified path.
DirectoryList Lists the directory and returns the list of files.
DirectoryRename Renames a specified directory.
Duplicate Returns a clone, also known as a deep copy, of a variable or XML object.
ExpandPath Creates an absolute, platform-appropriate path that is equivalent to the value of relative_path, appended to the base path.
FileClose Closes an on-disk or in-memory file that is open.
FileCopy Copies the specified on-disk or in-memory source file to the specified destination file.
FileDelete Deletes a specified file in the server.
FileExists Determines whether a file exists.
FileIsEOF Determines whether ColdFusion has reached the end of the file while reading it.
FileMove Moves a file from a source location to a destination location.
FileOpen Checks if a file is open in a specified location.
FileRead Reads an on-disk or in-memory text file or a file object.
FileReadBinary Reads an on-disk or in-memory binary file.
FileReadLine Returns the next line from a file.
FileSeek Shifts the file pointer to a specified position.
FileSetAccessMode Sets the attributes of an on-disk file on UNIX or Linux.
FileSetAttribute Sets the attributes of an on-disk file in Windows.
FileSetLastModified Sets the date when an on-disk or in-memory file was most recently modified.
FileSkipBytes Shifts the file pointer by the given number of bytes.
FileWrite Writes the entire content to the specified on-disk or in-memory file.
GetBaseTemplatePath Gets the absolute server file system path of the requested CFML file.
GetCanonicalPath Returns the canonical path string of the input path string.
GetContextRoot Returns path to the J2EE server context root for the current request.
GetCurrentTemplatePath Gets the absolute server file system path of the file that calls this function.
GetDirectoryFromPath Extracts a directory from an absolute path.
GetEncoding Returns the encoding (character set) of the Form or URL scope.
GetException Retrieves a Java exception object from a Java object.
GetFileFromPath Extracts a filename from an absolute path.
GetFileInfo Returns information, as struct , about an on-disk or in-memory file. 
GetFunctionCalledName Returns the name of the variable used to call a defined function.
GetFunctionList Returns a struct with keys of the names of functions that are available in CFML.
GetHttpRequestData Returns HTTP request headers and request body.
GetLocale Gets the current geographic/language locale value.
GetLocaleDisplayName Gets a locale value and displays the name in a manner that is appropriate to a specific locale.
GetMetaData Gets metadata (such as the methods, properties, and parameters of a component) associated with an object that is deployed on the ColdFusion server.
GetMetricData Gets server performance metrics.
GetPageContext Gets the current java PageContext object that provides access to page attributes and configuration, request and response objects.
GetPrinterInfo Determines which print attributes are supported by a selected printer.
GetProfileSections Gets all the sections of an initialization file.
GetProfileString Gets an initialization file entry.
GetReadableImageFormats Returns a list of image formats that ColdFusion can read on the operating system where ColdFusion is deployed.
GetTempDirectory Gets the path of the directory that ColdFusion uses for temporary files.
GetTempFile Creates a temporary file in a directory whose name starts with (at most) the first three characters of prefix .
GetTemplatePath DEPRECATED
GetTickCount Returns the current value of an internal millisecond timer.
GetWriteableImageFormats Returns a list of image formats that ColdFusion can write on the operating system where ColdFusion is deployed.
SetLocale Sets the country/language locale for CFML processing and the page returned to the client.
SetProfileString Sets the value of a profile entry in an initialization file.
Sleep Causes the current thread to stop processing for a specified period of time.
WriteOutput Appends text to the page-output stream.


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