Resolved issues | RoboHelp Server 10

The following is a list of issues resolved in Adobe RoboHelp Server 10 and subsequent patch releases.

Check the RoboHelp forum for solutions, workarounds, or any late-breaking information.

  1. Publish Frameless output to Robohelp Server 10 (Version 10.0.2).  Users are recommended to use RoboHelp Update 12 or later for publishing Frameless Output to RHS 10.0.2. (Ref - 4757)
  2. Cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability on RHS-hosted Responsive HTML5 output. (Ref - 6549)
  3. In Responsive HTML5 output, the search does not work for stop words and synonyms. (Ref - 6664)
  4. Issue with frequently searched words in reports.
  1. Responsive HTML5 help cannot be accessed over HTTPS.
    (Ref - 273)
  2. For a particular project, a blank landing page is displayed.
    (Ref - 700)
  3. Adding the Project column in Frequently Viewed Topic report does not work.
    (Ref - 701)
  4. When a project contained UNICODE content, then the TOC, index, and glossary do not work as expected.
    (Ref - 121)
  5. If there is a special character in the URL, it opens in a new tab.
    (Ref - 188)
  6. In WebHelp, while using the JS syntax RH_ShowHelp for launching context- sensitive Help, it gets blocked by the browser’s pop-up blocker.
    (Ref - 120)
  7. For a particular project, multiple word search or search for a phrase (within quotes) does not work as expected.
    (Ref - 394)
  8. For a particular responsive HTML5 project hosted on RoboHelp Server, the TOC and search do not load.
    (Ref - 314)
  9. In large projects, index was not being searched from the index search.
    (Ref - 632)
  10. In case of a client-side merged project, when the master project is accessed from the Administration Console, then the searched term is always added to the Searched Terms With No Results report even if the search returned some topics.
    (Ref - 587)
  11. When using HTTP-based user authentication, users are not getting redirected to the correct page on successful authentication.
    (Ref - 669)
  12. When using LDAP-based user authentication, new LDAP group cannot be added.
    (Ref - 782)
  13. If client-side and server-side merging is off, responsive HTML5 output is created from a merged project, and the master project is accessed from server Administration Console, then the index keywords, glossary entries, and dynamic content filters do not populate correctly in the master project.
    If client-side and server-side merging is on, then TOC for projects is loaded serially and not as designed in the master projects.
    (Ref - 409)
  14. Multiple issues notices when Re-index Documents at Server option is selected.
    (Ref - 333)
  15. For a particular project hosted on RoboHelp Server, incorrect search rankings are noticed.
    (Ref - 366)
  16. In case of a client-side merged project, when Allow Merge Projects of Same Type option is turned on, then opening topics of child project from the TOC of master project leads to an empty topic.
    (Ref - 670)
  17. Any changes in the user rights for a protected group are not saved.
    (Ref - 756)
  18. Search performed using the search side bar in Indigo layout does not get saved in the Frequently Searched Term report.
    (Ref - 714)
  19. If a project contains many baggage files, the search indexing fails and the admin console freezes.
  20. Search fails for topics whose title or initial content contains special characters.
  21. In RoboHelp Server admin console, some projects do not open correctly if they are not at the top of the project list.
  22. A long delay in publishing a new project is noticed when there are few existing projects on RoboHelp Server.
  23. After publishing a project, Tomcat restart is required for index and search to work.


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