Release Notes for Adobe® Extension Manager CC, version 7.1

This document contains late-breaking product information, updates, and information on fixes and improvements in this release that are not covered in the Adobe® Extension Manager CC documentation.

For an overview of the installation requirements and features introduced in Adobe Extension Manager CC (version 7.0), see the previous Release Notes at:


Extension Manager 7.1 is an update to Extension Manager CC, which installs and manages extensions and plug-ins for Adobe Creative Cloud® desktop applications.

Extension developers have created numerous extensions to add new capabilities to Creative Cloud products. Extension Manager makes installing these extensions simple and lets you enable, disable, or remove extensions.

Simply double-click an extension file to launch Extension Manager CC and install the extension in an Adobe CC desktop application. Extension Manager displays the Creative Cloud applications you installed; you can see all of the extensions installed in each product by clicking on the product. Click on any extension to display information from the extension developer such as what the extension does and where to find it.

New Features in this release

The Extension Manager 7.1 update provides these new features

    • More content in Adobe Exchange

    Previously any content for Adobe Exchange had to be packaged as a ZXP file, using a utility like Adobe Exchange Packager. Adobe Exchange and Extension Manager have been updated to allow any file type to be submitted and installed. This means that Adobe Exchange can support more Adobe CC applications and significantly more content. Adobe Exchange will include selected compatible content from Adobe Exchange Classic and Photoshop Marketplace. Support for more CC desktop applications will be coming in the future.

    Anyone can now submit files at the Adobe Exchange Producer Portal. When you choose this option, Adobe Exchange packages the content automatically as an unsigned ZXP, and Extension Manager installs it in the user's Downloads folder, where it is available for loading in the same way as more complex dynamic extensions. This new content support works with any Exchange compatible CC desktop app, such as Photoshop® CC, InDesign® CC, Illustrator® CC, Dreamweaver® CC, InCopy® CC, Prelude® CC, and Premiere® Pro CC.

    • Update extensions through Extension Manager

    An extension that is offered through Extension Manager can now provide an update link, pointing to update information on the provider's update server.  Extension Manager shows updates that are available at this location, and allows the user to initiate updates.  You can provide a download URL for the ZXP package, in which case Extension Manager downloads and installs it automatically, or you can point to a page with instructions that allow the user to download and install the update manually.

    • Support for Adobe Captivate® 7

    You can use Extension Manager 7.1 to manage extensions for Adobe Captivate 7, a popular tool for creating software demonstrations and simulations. Version 7 enhances support for HTML5-based eLearning content and also lets user create courses that meet accessibility standards.

      Install Extension Manager

      Extension Manager 7.1 is automatically included and installed when you install the supported desktop applications.

      You can also download the Extension Manager installer free of charge from either of these locations: or

      Uninstall your software


      Go to the Control Panel, select Uninstall a program > Adobe Extension Manager CC, and click Uninstall.

      Mac OS

      Go to Applications > Utilities > Adobe Installers, double-click Uninstall Adobe Extension Manager CC, and follow the instructions.

      Known Issues

      These problems are known to occur in this release. Please refer to Adobe Support for late-breaking information and known issues for all Creative Cloud applications.

      • Extension Manager CC is not available from Launch Pad in Mac OS 10.8. [3563133]
      • You cannot install an extension using the command-line tool (ExManCmd) if the file path contains special characters. [3563132]


      Other resources

      You can download the newest version of Adobe Extension Manager from the Adobe Extension Manager download page and the Product Updates page.

      Adobe Exchange

      Go to Adobe Exchange at to download extensions to customize Adobe Creative Cloud products.

      Extension Developer SDK

      Developers who want to create extensions for the Creative Cloud products should download the Extension Developer SDK at Extension Developer Guide

      Extension Manager User Forum

      Go to the Extension Manager User Forum to submit your questions, or share your experience using Extension Manager.

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