Revisions and revision styles

Use the document to learn about document revision and revision styles


Adobe ended the Adobe Story CC service on January 22, 2019. Both Adobe Story CC and the Adobe Story CC (Classic) are discontinued. The Adobe Story CC offline application has also ended. See End of service FAQ for more information.


Available for: Adobe Story Plus

Production revisions are changes to content in production scripts. You can use revisions to identify and print only modified pages in production scripts.

Revisions are tracked using revision styles. Each revision is associated with a unique revision style. The revision style you choose when starting a revision is applied to changed content and pages.


Only authors and co-authors can revision documents.

Create a revision

Available for: Adobe Story Plus

  1. Ensure that you have completed the following procedure before you start revisioning a document:

    1. Act on all tracked changes in your document by accepting or rejecting them.

    2. Disable track changes after you have completed accepting/rejecting tracked changes.

  2. Select Production > Start Revision.

  3. In Active Revision, select a revision style. The chosen style is used for all markup in the revision. Ensure that you have not used this revision style previously for another revision.

  4. (Optional) To change the date, color, or formatting options associated with the revision style, click Manage. If you do not specify a date, the current date is used.

  5. Click Start Revision.

To create another revision, select Production > New Revision. Repeat the procedure to revision the document.

Create a revision style

Available for: Adobe Story Plus

Adobe® Story has a list of revision styles that you could use for your revisions. You can also choose to create your own revision style. The new style is reflected in the Active Revision menu when you start revisioning a document.

  1. Select Production > Manage Revisions.

  2. Click “+”.

  3. Enter a name for the revision style.

  4. Customize the following according to your requirements:

    Revision Color

    Choose a color from the color menu. The color is applied to revised text, and border of pages containing the revisions. For multiple revisions, the border color of the latest revision is displayed.

    note: The border color of pages is not displayed in a printed or exported document.


    The default “*” mark is displayed to the right of revised content. You can choose to customize this identifier using any other symbol of your choice.


    Indicates the revision date. All revisions to the document on the specified date can be identified using this revision style.

    The date is displayed in the header of revised pages if the option to display date in the script header and footer is enabled.

    Revised Text Style

    The selected formatting option is used to display revised text.

  5. Click Done.

Modify or delete a revision style

Available for: Adobe Story Plus

  1. Select Production > Manage Revisions.

  2. Select the style that you want to modify or delete.

  3. Do one of the following:

    • Click “-” to delete the style.

    • To modify the style, edit its values, and click Done.

Add/remove revision marks

Available for: Adobe Story Plus

  1. Select the content from which revision marks must be added or removed.

  2. Do one of the following:

    • To add revision marks, select Production > Add Revision Mark. The current revision style is applied to the selection.

    • To clear revision marks, select Production > Clear Revision Mark. All revision marks are removed from the selected content.

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