Error: "Prelude could not find any capable video play modules" | Startup


When you try to launch Adobe Prelude, you receive the following error:

Adobe Prelude Startup Error
Adobe Prelude could not find any capable video play modules. Please update your video display drivers and start again.

This error can occur on notebook computers with AMD Switchable Graphics.


Working with Digital Video is a very graphics intensive process. On all Adobe Creative Suite products, we recommend that you do not try to operate in Power Saving mode. Instead, make sure to always use High Performance mode.

Solution 1

On Windows 7, right click on the shortcut to Adobe Prelude and choose Run as Administrator.

On Macintosh, make sure the user account that is being used has the rights to administer the computer.

Solution 2

For AMD Radeon cards with Switchable Graphics Technology

  1. Launch The Catalyst Control Center (Right Click on the desktop and choose "Graphics Properties")

  2. Click on the "Power" tab.

  3. Click on "Switchable Graphics Method"

  4. Choose the option to "Select the graphics processor manually" and Apply.

  5. On the Power Tab, click on "Switchable Graphics".

  6. Make sure "High-Performance GPU" is selected.

Solution 3

Enter the BIOS setup for your notebook and change the setting for Switchable Graphics to "Fixed."

Important: Changing settings in the BIOS can cause your computer to have other issues, or prevent it from starting up properly. Only perform this solution if you are confident in changing BIOS settings. If you need further assistance changing this setting, contact your computer manufacturer.


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