Tips to capture screens while recording a web application

When you capture a web-based application or a website from a browser, sometimes the slide does not have the correct image.

Whenever you capture a screen, you must listen for the shutter sound. The shutter sound occurs when Adobe Captivate Classic has successfully taken the screenshot. When you are capturing from a website or a web-based application and you have to click several links, you will hear the shutter sound on every click. After you click a link and a new page is loaded, wait for the page to load completely. After the page is fully loaded, you will hear the shutter sound of Adobe Captivate. In case you do not hear the shutter sound when the page is fully loaded, press the Print Screen key, which will take the screenshot manually. It is recommended that you use Internet Explorer as the browser when capturing a website or a web- based application. Following these simple guidelines will enable you to achieve the best results.


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