Find answers to frequently asked questions about Adobe Premiere Rush on mobile. Learn about the supported devices and platforms and how to download and use Premiere Rush on mobile.

The Adobe Premiere Rush app on mobile allows you to capture and edit video on the go. If you also have Premiere Rush on desktop, all your projects are synced automatically to your desktop. This allows you to create videos anywhere and across your mobile and desktop devices. 

Premiere Rush on mobile has the same features and capabilities as Premiere Rush on the desktop. One additional feature on mobile is the ability to capture videos and photos right from within the Premiere Rush app. 

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about Premiere Rush on mobile. 

General information

How can I get Premiere Rush on mobile?

You can get Premiere Rush on iOS from iTunes.

If you are on Android, you can get Premiere Rush from the Google Play Store or Samsung Galaxy Store.

Do I need to use Premiere Rush on mobile along with the Premiere Rush app on desktop?

Premiere Rush is built so that you can seamlessly move between editing on your desktop and mobile devices.  You can use Premiere Rush only on desktop or mobile, or on both devices. All of your projects created in Rush can be accessed across your mobile and desktop devices. For more information on syncing, see How project syncing works in Premiere Rush.

Can I download Premiere Rush on mobile for free?

Yes. On your mobile device, you can download Premiere Rush for free from the iTunes App Store for iOS (iPhones and iPads) or the Google Play Store or Samsung Galaxy Store (Android phones). Once you've downloaded and installed the app, you can sign up for a free Adobe ID (if you don't already have one). You can also sign in using your Google or Facebook credentials. With your free Adobe ID, you get 2 GB of cloud storage and the ability to export up to three videos. 

Which iOS and Android devices and operating systems can I use with Rush?

See the System Requirements for iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows.

Do I need a Creative Cloud account to use Premiere Rush on mobile?

Yes, you need an Adobe ID account to use Premiere Rush.

In which countries is Premiere Rush available on mobile?

Premiere Rush on mobile is available in all countries supported by iTunes, the Google Play Store, or Samsung Galaxy Store. 

Premiere Rush is not available in China. This is because Adobe Creative Cloud services are currently not supported in China. As a result, Premiere Rush is not available in this region.

In which languages is Premiere Rush available?

Adobe Premiere Rush is available in the following languages:

  • English
  • French
  • Spanish
  • German
  • Korean
  • Japanese

Using Premiere Rush on mobile

How do I learn to use Premiere Rush on mobile? Where do I go for help and support?

Get started with the app by going through the one-minute interactive tutorial that walks you through the basics of editing your first video. This tutorial covers all of the key steps and features in Premiere Rush that you need to create and share your video.

For further help on using Premiere Rush on mobile devices, see:

How do I edit my video projects created in Premiere Rush on mobile on my desktop?

You don't need to do anything. Projects on Premiere Rush are automatically synced to Premiere Rush on desktop (as long as you have a good Internet connection).

If you're having issues accessing your projects across your devices, see How project syncing works in Premiere Rush.

Does Premiere Rush on mobile support editing in portrait and landscape orientations?

On the phone, you can edit your videos while holding your device in portrait mode or vertically. On an iPad, you can edit your videos while holding your device in portrait or landscape mode (vertically and horizontally).


Premiere Rush is currently not supported on Android tablets.

Can I import Super Slow-mo videos captured on my Android device into Premiere Rush?

Currently, Super Slow-mo videos are not supported and will not playback in Rush. We are working on adding support for Super Slow-mo videos in a future release.

Managing your Premiere Rush on mobile subscription

How do I upgrade from the Starter plan to the paid plan on mobile?

Tap the Settings icon in Premiere Rush on iOS or Android and then tap Upgrade. Tap Buy Now, and follow the prompts to purchase the paid Premiere Rush plan with 100 GB of storage and unlimited exports.

How do I upgrade storage if I purchased the Premiere Rush plan from the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, or Samsung Galaxy Store?

If you purchased Premiere Rush from a mobile app store, you can buy additional storage from Adobe.

When you're nearing the storage limit, you"ll see an in-app notification that prompts you to upgrade your storage.

You can then go to this link to upgrade your storage. In the screen that appears, enter your email address or Adobe ID, and click Continue to purchase additional cloud storage.

Upgrade after getting an in-app notification on your Premiere Rush iOS or Android app
Upgrade after getting an in-app notification on your Premiere Rush iOS or Android app


If extra storage is not available for purchase in your country, contact us to buy additional storage.


Your Premiere Rush subscription will still be billed from Apple, Google Playstore or Galaxy Store but you will receive a monthly charge from Adobe for the additional storage you have purchased. Contact us if you have any questions with this purchase.

How do I download and install Premiere Rush on my Samsung phone?

  1. Launch the Galaxy Store app from your device.
  2. In the Galaxy Store, search for Premiere Rush
  3. Tap Install to download and install the free Premiere Rush app. 

How do I cancel my Premiere Rush subscription if I purchased it from Samsung Galaxy Apps store?

To unsubscribe, go to the Galaxy Store. Tap More Options > My Apps > Receipts > Items and tap Unsubscribe.

Canceling a Premiere Rush subscription from the Samsung Galaxy Store
Canceling a Premiere Rush subscription from the Samsung Galaxy Store

How do I download and install Premiere Rush on my Android phone?

You can install Premiere Rush on your Android device just like you would install any other app. For more information, see the Google documentation: Get Android apps and digital content from the Google Play Store.

How do I cancel my Premiere Rush subscription if I purchased it from the Google Play Store?

For information on canceling your Premiere Rush subscription from Google Play Store, see: Cancel, pause, or change a subscription on Google Play


Why are my titles in a different font when I open a project created on my mobile device on my desktop?

The text in your titles may appear differently on desktop if the font is missing on desktop. You may have to resolve missing fonts. For more information on resolving font issues, see Resolve missing fonts in desktop applications

For information on licensing of fonts, see Font licensing.

Why is the project I created using Premiere Rush on mobile not visible in the desktop application?

There may be some syncing issues. Check your internet connection on both mobile and desktop. If the connection seems fine, try out the steps listed in Troubleshoot synchronization issues to resolve the issue. 


How do I provide feedback regarding Premiere Rush on mobile?

You can provide feedback to us in the following ways:

  • Tap the Feedback icon in the upper-right corner of your Premiere Rush app to provide feedback. Your feedback will be posted to the Premiere Rush site on UserVoice where the Premiere Rush team will receive and look into your comments..
  • Tweet to us at Adobe Video Creators

How do I submit feature requests and bugs?

You can influence the future of Premiere Rush on desktop and on mobile! At anytime, you can suggest a feature request on the Premiere Rush site on UserVoice, or upvote existing feature requests. When Adobe updates the status of a feature (for example, when a feature is added to the app, it will be updated to Completed in UserVoice), you get an email with the update.

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