Learn about Smart Tags and how to use them in Elements Organizer.

Elements Organizer automatically analyzes photos in your catalog and generates tags for them. These tags are called Smart Tags. For example, Elements Organizer generates Smart Tags such as the following for your photos: Family, Children, Park, Beach, Smile, Ocean, Flowers, Sunset, Garden, and Soccer.

Smart Tags make it easy for you to search based on the content of your photos.

You can filter through the Smart Tags in the search window or type them in the Search bar. To access the Search window or the Search bar, click Search in the main window.

Search button

Your photos are displayed in the Smart Tag panel of the Search window, stacked based on their content.

Search results - Smart Tags

To search for a Smart Tag, type its name in the Search window. For example, to search for images that include beaches, type “Beach” in the Search bar.

Search results for "beach"


Use Auto Curate to quickly select your best images in a catalog. Auto Curate is based on Smart Tags and Elements Organizer's smart analysis of aesthetics, people, and more.

To learn more about auto-curation, see Auto-curate your best photos.

Removing a Smart Tag

If a Smart Tag is not appropriate to an image, you can remove it as follows:

Right-click an image in the Media view, select Remove Smart tag and then select the name of the Smart Tag that you want to remove.

For example, the following image includes several Smart Tags (such as sky, travel, air, and aircraft) that are relevant to the image. However, the Smart Tag “alarmclock” is not relevant to the image and you might want to remove it.

Remove a Smart Tag

Setting Smart Tag preferences

  1. Select Edit > Preferences (Windows) or Elements Organizer > Preferences (Mac OS).

  2. Select Media Analysis.

  3. Select your preference:

    • To automatically analyze media files and apply Smart Tags, select Analyze Media for Smart Tags and Auto Curate.
    • To stop applying Smart Tags, deselect Analyze Media for Smart Tags and Auto Curate. The Smart Tags previously applied continue to be displayed in the Search Window and can be searched through the Search bar.
    • To stop displaying Smart Tags and further analysis of photos in the catalog, select Do not show Smart Tags and Auto Curate. If you select this option, the Search window does not display the Smart Tags option.