Enhance document photos captured using a mobile camera

Clean up document photos to remove backgrounds and adjust perspective.

Clean up images captured using a mobile camera

The Enhance Camera Images feature helps clean up images that are captured using smart phone cameras. Using this feature, you can click photographs of a document from your mobile devices and then create a nice-looking, clear, and small-size PDF. It solves your need of ad-hoc scanning without using a standard scanner.

Typically, the images captured using mobile devices have the following problems:

  • Incorrect perspectives
  • Area outside boundaries
  • Shadows
  • Inconsistent lighting

The feature resolves all these problems to some extent and provides you a nice looking PDF.

To enhance a camera image

  1. Open the photograph or image of the document in Acrobat.

  2. Choose Tools > Scan & OCR.

  3. In the toolbar, click Enhance and then choose Camera Image.

  4. Additional options and instructions appear in the Secondary toolbar. If necessary, adjust the page boarder by using the blue circle at the corners of the photo. Click Enhance Page.

  5. The image is enhanced and a PDF of the image is shown. You can further adjust the default enhancement level by using the slider in the Secondary toolbar.

  6. Save the PDF file.

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