Find answers to common questions on how to create, distribute, track, and fill and sign PDF forms in Acrobat DC.

How to create a PDF form in Acrobat?

Create a blank form, add form fields, and save the form
  • Can I create a fillable PDF form from scratch in Acrobat?
    Simply create a blank PDF, add labels and fields you need, and save it. Your form will be ready for use. Get step-by-step instructions for creating a PDF form.

  • Can I create a fillable PDF form from an existing document in Acrobat?
    Create a PDF form from paper or existing Word files. Acrobat recognizes and converts static fields to fillable ones with a form wizard. Go to Tools > Prepare Form, and then scan a paper form or select a Word file. Learn more.

  • Can I add action buttons in a PDF form?
    You can add action buttons to a form to open a file, play a sound or movie clip, submit data to a web server, and much more. Learn more.

  • What are the different form fields I can use in a PDF form?
    You can use text boxes, drop-down lists, radio buttons, check-boxes, list boxes and more. Set the form field properties like text resizing, date fields, calculations, or trigger custom scripts, to define fields' behavior. For more information, see the articles below:

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How to publish or distribute a form?

  • How do I send a PDF form for filling?
    You can send (distribute) your PDF form right from within Acrobat. Open the form and click Distribute. Choose how you want to collect the responses: in your email Inbox or on a server. See distributing PDF forms for step-by-step instructions.
  • Can I publish a PDF form online?
    You can publish your PDF form and collect information over the web. Learn more.
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How to track distributed forms and collect data?

  • How do I track my sent form and view responses?
    When you open a submitted form in Acrobat, the Add Completed Form To Responses File dialog box is displayed. Select Create A New Responses File. The response file opens after you click OK. Each submitted form added to the response file appears as a component file of a PDF Portfolio. Learn more.

    You can alse use the forms tracker to manage your sent or received forms. In Acrobat, choose Edit > Form Options > Track or View > Tracker.

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How to fill and sign a PDF form?

  • How do I fill a PDF form?
    In Acrobat or Reader, choose Tools > Fill & Sign or choose Fill & Sign from the right pane to fill a PDF form. Learn more.

  • How do I save or print PDF forms?
    In Acrobat or Reader, choose File > Save As and save the file. To print the form, click the Print button, or choose File > Print. Learn more.

  • Can I add multiple signatures in a PDF form?
    Using the Fill and Sign tool in Acrobat, add multiple signatures to your PDF form. Learn more.

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