WebHelp Pro output published to RoboHelp Server is missing some TOC items (for example, some deeply nested books or pages). 


  1. Stop Tomcat.
  2. Download and extract the file for tocchunk_ie.xsl. 

  3. Back up  the <RHS 8/9 Install Folder>/web-INF/WHTOCAgent/tocchunk_ie.xsl file and replace it with the downloaded file.
  4. Delete the <RHS 8/9 Install Folder>/robo/server/resource/mr_toc_chk_ie.xsl file. If you have created more than one context, then delete all copies of the mr_toc_chk_ie.xsl file. The easiest way to delete all copies is to search for mr_toc_chk_ie.xsl in RHS 8/9 Install folder and delete all copies.
  5. Start Tomcat.

Additional information

This issue occurs intermittently for large TOCs containing many books or pages. This solution is a server-side fix, and it's unnecessary to republish the projects.