Troubleshooting & help

Download & install

How do I purchase and install RoboHelp Server?

For purchasing information, see the RoboHelp Server 10 buying guide. For step-by-step installation instructions, see Installation in the RoboHelp Server user guide.

Why won't RoboHelp Server download?

Learn how to resolve download issues with RoboHelp Server and other Adobe apps.

Can I download a trial copy of RoboHelp Server?

Yes! You can download a trial version from the Adobe Downloads page. You'll need to sign in with an Adobe ID and password to download a trial. For detailed instructions, see this article on installing a trial.

How do I retrieve my Adobe ID or password?

Read these simple solutions to common Adobe ID and sign in issues to regain access to your account.

Common questions

How do I publish content from RoboHelp to RoboHelp Server?

How do I publish content from FrameMaker to RoboHelp Server?

Can I migrate data from RoboHelp Server 9 to RoboHelp Server 10?

Can I import the server setup from one instance of RoboHelp Server to another?

How can I analyze data from RoboHelp Server?

You can generate several different reports to learn how users search and navigate your content.


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