Components are missing from WebHelp published output in Firefox

WebHelp published output does not display the TOC, index, glossary, or search on Mozilla
Firefox version 35.


To resolve this issue on RoboHelp versions 10 and later, do the following:

  1. Extract the script from the attached archive.


  2. For Help output that is not previously generated, in the following folder, take a backup of the whutils.js file and copy the extracted whutils.js to this folder:

    <RoboHTML10 install directory>\RoboHTML\WebHelp5Ext\template_stock

    For Help output that is previously generated, copy the whutils.js to the generated Help folder.


    If you copy the file to the install folder, it's necessary to regenerate the WebHelp. If you copy the file to the generated folder, no further steps are required.

You can now regenerate the WebHelp.

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