Color Picker Menu

Learn the basics of the Medium Color Picker menu.

You can use Medium’s Color menu to select colors for elements such as clay, paint, and lights in your scene.

Using the Color Picker Menu

To set the color of the clay, you add with the Clay tool:

  1. Select the Clay tool.

  2. Tap the Color button on the Tool hand.

  3. The Color Picker opens, see Image 1. To choose a color, do one of the following:

    • Aim the Tool hand at the color you want to use in the color space and squeeze the trigger to select.
    • Adjust the saturation and value sliders.
    • Adjust the RGB sliders.
  4. Add some clay to your sculpt, see Image 2.

    You can select different clay colors for different parts of your sculpt, see Image 2.

    Image 1: The Color Picker.

    Image 2: Adding clay in selected color.


    You can tweak more material attributes for your sculpt (for example, bumping its specular component) to give better lighting information about the surface.

Color Menu Features

There are four parts to the Color menu:


Use the eyedropper to select a color from the surface of your sculpt:

  1. Select the eyedropper with your Tool hand.

  2. Aim the eyedropper at your sculpt and squeeze the Tool hand trigger to select a color from the sculpt’s surface.

Color Picker

To select your current color:

  1. Aim at the Color Picker and squeeze the Tool hand trigger.

Hue Bar

To use the hue bar:

  1. Aim at the hue bar to the right of the color bar.

  2. Squeeze the Tool hand trigger to drag the triangle up and down to select a new hue.

Parameter Sliders


  1. Drag the handle to the left to go to white.

  2. Drag the handle to the right to go to full saturation for the selected color.


  1. Drag the handle to the left to go to black.

  2. Drag the handle to the right to go to full value for the selected color.

Red, Green, and Blue:

  1. Drag the handles left and right to adjust the individual components of the color.

What's Next?

Now that you have learned about the Color Picker Menu in Medium, check out how to light your environment next.

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