World Settings

Learn the basics of the Medium World Settings.

The world settings allow you to customize your virtual environment. You can use this menu to change your background color, enable or disable the Ground Plane, change the sun color and brightness and much more.

World Settings Menu

Use the World Settings menu to customize your working environment.

To open the World Settings menu:

  1. Pull the Support hand thumbstick backward.

  2. Select the World node in the Scene Graph.

  3. Select the Settings icon with your Tool hand.

    World Settings menu.

Customize your Workspace

As you make changes, they are reflected in your environment. For example, try turning the Sky box or Ground plane on and off, or change the brightness of the sun (which defines the brightness of the ambient light in your scene).

  • Theme: There are built-in color themes that override your current settings, which include Classic, Dark, Neutral, Cute, and whatever settings you have saved as the Default. Select any to change all the settings except for visibility of sky box / ground plane and bloom.
  • Save As Default: Makes the currently selected scene settings your default settings:
    • Any new scenes you create will use these defaults.
    • These settings are persistent between sessions.
  • Reset to Default:  Restores your last saved scene settings:
    • If you have previously used the Set as default option above, those options are restored.
    • If you have never saved your own defaults, factory settings are restored.
  • Sun Color: Sets the color of the sunlight (ambient light in the scene).
  • Sun Brightness: Sets the brightness of the sunlight (ambient light in the scene).
  • IBL Color: Sets the tint color of the IBL Cubemap lighting.
  • IBL Brightness: Sets the brightness of the IBL Cubemap lighting.
  • IBL Texture: Sets IBL Cubemap lighting texture. There are various built-in IBL themes you can choose from.
  • Fog Color: Sets the color of the fog (atmospheric effect).
  • Fog Strength: Sets the strength of the fog (atmospheric effect. More strength = more opaque).
  • Fog Min/Max Distance: Sets the minimum and maximum distance the fog (atmospheric effect) is from the viewer’s origin.
  • Fog Min/Max Height: Sets the minimum and maximum height the fog (atmospheric effect) is from the World origin.
  • Skybox: The three-dimensional cloud-covered hemisphere that surrounds your workspace. If you prefer to work with a solid background color, turn off this option.
  • Ground Plane: The two-dimensional grid that appears in your workspace. The global origin is located where the two thick black lines meet (with +Z pointing up).
  • Bloom: The weak “glow” effect of sunlight that surrounds any objects (even menus). This effect simulates the similar real-world effect seen when viewing objects through a camera.

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