A Creative Cloud membership includes cloud-based storage, which allows you to access files stored in the cloud from any computer using a web browser. The cloud storage is made up of three different areas: Creative Cloud, Lightroom, and Document Cloud. Stored content can be accessed online as follows.

Here are answers to some common questions related to using and managing this storage.

How much storage do I have?

If you have a full Adobe Creative Cloud membership or a single app membership, you have 100GB storage. If you have a Creative Cloud Photography membership, you have 20GB or 1TB storage. If you have a trial product or a free membership, you have 2GB storage. Creative Cloud for teams and Creative Cloud for enterprise memberships include 100GB of storage per seat.

How do I know how much storage I've used?

You can check your current storage usage in a couple of places.

Creative Cloud website

To view your storage usage on the Creative Cloud website:

  1. View your available storage space on the lower-left corner of the page. When you hover the mouse, you see the total available cloud storage.

    Available space

Creative Cloud desktop app

  1. Click the Creative Cloud icon  in the menu bar (Mac) or taskbar notification area (Windows), to open the Creative Cloud desktop app.


    If you can't find the Creative Cloud icon on your screen, you may have quit the Creative Cloud desktop app. To relaunch it:

    Windows: Type Creative Cloud in Search next to the Windows logo in the lower-left corner of the screen.

    Mac: Click the Finder icon in the Dock, and then search for Creative Cloud.app.

  2. Depending on your version of the Creative Cloud desktop app, do one of the following:

    Click the cloud icon  in the upper-right corner of the app to see the storage details.


    Storage details in Creative Cloud desktop app

    Click Files to see the storage details.

    Storage details in the old version of Creative Cloud desktop app

What happens if I go over my storage quota?

The Creative Cloud desktop app syncs up to 1GB overflow from any device. After that, the sync client stops syncing new files and notifies that you are over quota. A red exclamation point marks any files that are unable to upload. You can still move, rename, or delete files. To continue to sync files, upgrade your storage or permanently delete other files to free up space.

How do I upgrade my Creative Cloud storage?

If you need more storage, you can purchase extra storage plans through your Adobe ID account (Plans > Manage Plan > Change Plan). For detailed instructions, see Upgrade your Creative Cloud storage.

Alternatively, click Upgrade Storage on the lower-left corner of Your Work section of Creative Cloud website.

If you are a Premiere Rush user, and want to upgrade storage, see Adobe Premiere Rush file storage requirements and upgrades.

How do I delete files and free up storage?

You can delete files from Creative Cloud Files folder, the Lightroom website, and Document Cloud to free up the storage space used.

Free Creative Cloud folder storage

Deleting files from the Creative Cloud Files folder or the Creative Cloud files page moves them to a trash bin called the Deleted. From the Deleted bin, you can permanently delete files by following these steps:


You can restore files from the Deleted bin, if you mistakenly deleted the file. However, once you permanently delete files, they cannot be restored.

  1. In the side navigation, click Deleted.

    How to archive files
    Deleted option on the left rail
  2. Select the files you want to delete, and then click Permanently Delete icon ().

    Alternatively, choose Permanently Delete from the context menu.

    Archive multiple files
    Delete files permanently
  3. In the confirmation pop-up window, click Delete Permanently.

    Select permanently delete
    Delete file permanently dialog box

Free Lightroom storage

To delete photos from your photo library, select them and choose Delete from the options that are displayed. In the confirmation box that appears, select Delete photos to delete them.

Delete Lightroom photos
Delete Lightroom photos


If you delete a photo, it gets removed from the Cloud and from all your synced devices. So it’s a good idea to make its copy outside of Lightroom before you delete it from Lightroom.

Free Document Cloud storage

To delete files from the Document Cloud, select them and choose Delete from the options that are displayed on the right. In the confirmation box that appears, select Continue to delete these files.

Delete Document Cloud files
Delete Document Cloud files


The files, assets, and contents that are shared via collaboration also consume space from each collaborator’s storage quota.

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