Adobe Captivate 4 (build 1658) update is available via the Adobe Update Manager.


This patch addresses the following issues: 

  • Audio Quality improvement

In Adobe Captivate 4, some users observed poor audio quality in the published movie. This patch provides a noticeable improvement in the audio quality.      

  • USB Microphone support for Vista setups  and working well with RealTek and Sigma Tel sound cards

Adobe Captivate failed to recognize USB microphones on Microsoft Vista OS. In some instances, Adobe Captivate did not recognize specific sound cards. Both these issues are resolved.

  • The "Open another project" option now works from any location

In Adobe Captivate 4, the navigation option ‘open another project’ was based on an absolute path. Publishing and moving these linked projects cause issues which have now been resolved.

  • Inserting objects at playhead position

It is now possible to insert objects at the exact position the playhead is on. Content developers can now easily play the slide-on timeline, pause the slide at a specific time, and insert objects at the playhead position.

  • Memory Leak in Image insertion and Editing

Customers reported memory leak issues while inserting and editing images. The leak has been resolved. 

  • Image quality while resizing is improved

Degradation in the image quality when images are resized inside Adobe Captivate 4 has been resolved. 

  • HTML page Title

Captivate now picks up the title name from Project preferences > Project name section. This name appears as the HTML title when the project is published and viewed in a browser.

  • Question Type identification by LMS

This addresses a specific scenario in LMS reporting. We have worked on the way the question type data is reported to LMS systems.

  • PPT slides containing Master Templates work well with Adobe Captivate

Some PPT files containing Master templates were getting corrupted once published from Adobe Captivate 4. The issue is resolved. 

  • Widget Template is modified

Widget template had a few undefined variables which created compiling problems, which are now resolved. 


Solution 1: In Adobe Captivate 4 do the following: 

  1. Edit > Updates
  2. Select Adobe Captivate 4 patch update in Windows 
  3. Click Download and Install Updates

Solution 2: Download the update from

Localized versions are listed at the bottom of the Adobe Captivate download page.

Additional Information

The Captiate startupscreen should state:

Language -  Patch Version No. 

  1. English
  2. French
  3. German
  4. Japanese
  5. Italian
  6. Spanish
  7. Korean
  8. Chinese Traditional


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