Adobe Captivate 6 patch

Installation instructions

  1. Open Adobe Captivate, and choose Help > Updates. The Adobe Application Manager appears.

  2. Ensure that the Adobe Captivate 6.0.1 Update check box under Adobe Captivate is checked.

    Ensure that the Adobe Captivate 6.0.1 Update check box under Adobe Captivate is checked.
    The Adobe Captivate 6.0.1 Update check box

  3. Click Update to install the patch. When the installation is complete, you see the following message:

    Click Update to install the patch.
    Click Update to install the patch

    Alternatively, you can download the patch from this website.

  4. Click Close.


Launch Adobe Captivate, and choose Help > About Adobe Captivate. If the build number is displayed as, then the patch has been installed successfully.

Updated Adobe Captivate
Updated Adobe Captivate

Issues fixed in this patch

Trial version and project expiry

Content that is published using a trial version of Adobe Captivate 6 expires in 30 days from the date of project creation. With Adobe Captivate 6.0.1, this policy is changed. The output file published from a trial version of Adobe Captivate expires in 30 days from the date of publishing.

SWF file publish and runtime

  • Adobe Captivate 6 projects do not have the focus on text entry boxes at runtime. Users have to click the boxes to start entering text.
  • At runtime, users are not able to use keyboard shortcuts to click the click boxes unless they click the slide.
  • When slide transitions are used, Adobe Captivate projects and audio pause randomly. Audio is sometimes out-of-sync and Show/Hide of objects doesn't work as expected.
  • Line objects with Fade In transition effect flicker when the project is previewed or published.
  • When SWF file outputs are viewed on Google Chrome v22, the project expiration message flickers on the screen.
  • cpCmndPause and cpCmndResume variables do not reflect the state of the movie.
  • Multi-slide synchronized videos in SWF file outputs flicker while transitioning between slides with videos on them.
  • Keyboard shortcut for rollover slidelet does not work in published outputs.
  • Adobe Captivate does not honor any changes to an On Success action assigned to a button after the project is saved and closed.

HTML5 publish and runtime

  • iOS browsers crash if an HTML5 course created using Adobe Captivate 6 contains slides with many assets. They also crash if users are accessing a "heavy" course from a SCORM-based LMS.
  • When projects have large number of assets, Adobe Captivate crashes while publishing the project to HTML5. Even if the publish is successful, you encounter errors while uploading the project to an LMS.
  • In text entry boxes of an HTML5 project output, users cannot type the alphabets that are used as keyboard shortcuts for the boxes.
  • In HTML5 output files, Show and Hide actions don't work as expected for animations, widgets, and interactions.
  • cpCmndTOCVisible does not work for HTML5 outputs.
  • Line object is visible in the HTML5 outputs even if the visibility is disabled in the Property Inspector.
  • Audio or video content in Adobe Captivate courses crash on iOS6.
  • Audio in Adobe Captivate projects does not appropriately synchronize with slides on iOS6.
  • When HTML5 outputs are viewed in Safari on Mac, the TOC overlay does not work as expected.

PPT import

  • When Microsoft PowerPoint slides are imported into Adobe Captivate and published, the published SWF file flickers between slides.
  • Adobe Captivate does not import Microsoft PowerPoint slides that contain titles with straight double quote ('') characters. The slides subsequent to this slide are also not imported.
  • Adobe Captivate crashes during a high fidelity import of Microsoft PowerPoint slides with images that are cropped such that they are not fully visible on the slide.
  • On some machines, after a high fidelity PPT import, text in autoshapes are repeated in Adobe Captivate.


  • Occasionally Adobe Captivate crashes when multiple projects are open and the library is clicked just after switching between projects.
  • The Adobe Captivate menu becomes unresponsive at times. When you click a menu option, the option is not called. But, when Adobe Captivate is closed, the menu operation you called is carried out.
  • Adobe Captivate workspace gets corrupted occasionally. As a result, Property Inspector and other panels do not get displayed in the workspace.
  • Occasionally Adobe Captivate hangs while saving a project. This behavior is observed in all operations that involve progress bars. The progress bar gets stuck at zero percent and the operation is not completed.
  • In some scenarios, Adobe Captivate crashes when you select multiple smart shapes and then try to resize them.
  • Adobe Captivate crashes at the end of 'Additional Recording' if the project theme does not contain the Blank master slide.


  • Embedded videos (progressive download) in MP4 output files are not displayed; a "Connection Error" message is displayed instead of the video. However, the video is displayed during the project review.
  • When a theme that isn't part of the same size as the current project size is applied to the project, the text in quiz buttons shifts to the left.
  • If text captions contain text and bullets with multiple formatting styles, Adobe Captivate provides a blank output when published to Microsoft Word if the Use Table In The Output option is not selected while publishing.
  • When projects are upgraded to Adobe Captivate 6, Advanced Actions containing show/hide and Jump To Slide actions isn't executed as expected.
  • In Adobe Captivate 6 on Mac 10.7.x, authors cannot enter accented characters using their keyboards.
  • Adobe Captivate displays the error "Not a valid widget" when authors try to insert smart interactions.
  • In some cases, quizzing variables 'cpQuizInfoPointsscored' and 'cpQuizInfoCorrectAnswers' report incorrect values when Submit All option is used.
  • When projects with video recordings (recorded using the additional recording option) are included in an Aggregator project, only one of the videos play in the published output.
  • Redraw shape option is not available for the Rollover Slidelet area.
  • Object effects that are applied through Timeline and Advanced Actions differ.
  • Edit points for the Up Arrow callout smart shape does not work.
  • When video demo projects are published on Mac, View The Published Output dialog box contains a '?' that appears on a separate line.
  • When text animations, animations, and widgets are set to Rest Of Project, they are not automatically placed on top of other objects in all the slides.
  • When projects are upgraded to Adobe Captivate 6, rdinfoCurrentSlide variable does not work as expected.
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