Adobe Captivate course hangs on the loading screen in LMS when you first launch and complete the course, then retake the course, navigate a few slides, close the course and relaunch it.


  1. Download CPSwf9Template.dll by clicking one of the following links based on the Adobe Captivate version you are using:

  2. Go to the Adobe Captivate install folder and navigate to one of the following folders based on the version you are using:

    • Adobe Captivate 5\swf_templates
    • Adobe Captivate 5.5\swf_templates
  3. Rename the CPSwf9Template.dll present in the folders as CPSwf9Template.dll.orig

  4. Copy the dll that you downloaded in step 1 into this folder.

  5. Re-launch Captivate.
  6. Re-publish your project.
  7. Upload the project to LMS.

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