• Accessibility text associated with placeholders on Master Slides is not honored. However, after you double-click the placeholders and insert the required text or objects, you can associate accessibility text to those objects.
  • In HTML5 output files, the screen readers read the names of the variables instead of the variable value.
  • If JAWS is ON while users are viewing HTML5 or SWF file projects, the focus does not appear on TEBs if both of the following conditions are true:
    • The TEB is included on the second slide of the project
    • The first slide does not include a TEB

RTL authoring

  • Adobe Captivate does not support numbers while authoring in Hebrew and Arabic.
  • RTL text in text animations is displayed in the reverse order in published outputs.
  • While authoring in right-to-left languages, symbols that are inserted at the left end move to the right end.

Workaround: To get a symbol (such as a bullet) at the left end, type the required text in right-to-left language. Then type English text, insert the symbol, and then delete the English text.

Drag-and-drop interactions

  • In drag-and-drop interactions, only those effects that are applied to drag items and drop targets as properties (using the PI) are supported. Effects applied through any other means, for example, Advanced Actions or Timeline, are not supported.
  • If you rewind the project by scrubbing the playbar or using the rewind button, or if you use the Back button in the playbar, dragged sources appear in their original position.


  • MathMagic fonts aren't always registered after Adobe Captivate installation. Restart your computer after installing Adobe Captivate to register MathMagic fonts.
  • If you have exported questions from Microsoft Excel to GIFT format using third-party tools, the extension of such files is .GFT. Adobe Captivate cannot import questions from such files.

Workaround: Change the extension of the files to TXT to successfully import questions into Adobe Captivate.

  • Custom object effects are not exported as part of shared actions.
  • When object effects are applied to smart shapes with timing set as Rest Of Project, the objects flicker in HTML5 output files.

Workaround: Remove the effects applied to the objects.

  • When Adobe Captivate projects are viewed on Moodle, the close button of the project does not work.

Workaround: Users can use the browser close button to close the project.

  • Adobe Audition round-tripping with Adobe Audition CC does not work when loaded from the Edit Audio dialog box.

Workaround: Right-click the audio file in the Adobe Captivate Library, click Edit With, and then choose Adobe Audition CC.

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