Issue: You can't record actions from iOS devices

This article is for an issue with using the device demo feature in Adobe Captivate 9. (The feature allows you to capture actions on your iOS device connected to a Mac that is running Captivate.)

In certain situations, the Record button is disabled, or the device is not mirrored properly when you connect an iOS device to your Mac.


Follow the instructions below to apply the fix for this issue:

  1. Close the CPDeviceCapture app on your Mac.

  2. Download the file.

  3. Unzip it to see the DeviceCaptureSkins.xml file.

  4. Right-click and select Show Package Contents

  5. Go to /Contents/Resources, and search for DeviceCaptureSkins.xml.

  6. Replace the downloaded file in the above location.

  7. Relaunch the CPDeviceCapture app.


If you are still facing problems after replacing the DeviceCaptureSkins.xml file, send us an e-mail to Include details of the iOS device you are using, and the errors you are experiencing.

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