Face recognition does not automatically start for a Photoshop Elements 7 catalog when you convert it to a Photoshop Elements 14 catalog.


First try Workaround 1. If that does not work, try Workaround 2.

Workaround 1

  1. Go to the Media view and double-click any image to display it in Single Image View.

  2. In the option panel, click Mark Face.

  3. A dialog is displayed, prompting you to start the analysis.

    Click Yes. Face recognition runs on the selected image.

  4. After the image is analyzed, wait until face recognition starts to run on the remaining images. Do not perform any other task in Elements Organizer. 

    If face recognition does not start, restart Elements Organizer and wait for face recognition to start. 

    You can check if face recognition has started by viewing the progress on the status bar in Elements Organizer. 


    If face recognition does not start after these steps, run Workaround 2 as explained in the next section.

Workaround 2

  1. Download and install Photoshop Elements 13 or Photoshop Elements 12. 

    You can find the trial versions at this location

  2. Open Photoshop Elements 13 or Photoshop Elements 12.

  3. Convert your Photoshop Elements 7 catalog to a Photoshop Elements 13 or Photoshop Elements 12 catalog.

    For information on converting catalogs, see this link.

  4. Convert your Photoshop Elements 13 or Photoshop Elements 12 catalog (that you created in the previous step) to a Photoshop Elements 14 catalog.

    For information on conveting catalogs, see this link.

  5. Next, follow the steps as explained in Workaround 1, starting with opening the Media view and double-clicking a file to open it in the Single Image view. 

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