Use highlight boxes in Captivate

Use highlight boxes to spotlight areas within a slide. Highlight boxes focus the user’s attention on the required areas of the slide.

Properties of highlight boxes

Use the Property Inspector (Window > Properties) of the highlight box to customize it.

Highlight Box


Enter a unique name for the object. You can use this name when defining the visibility conditions for the object.


Deselect this option if you want the object to be invisible on the slide. The object can be made visible using the Show option. For more information, see Controlling the visibility of objects.


Select a style for the highlight box. To define a new style, select Edit > Object Style Manager. For more information on object styles, see Object style

Fill & Stroke


Fill color for the highlight box. To decide the degree of transparency for the fill color, select a value for the option Alpha in the Color menu. The value of 90% is less transparent (more solid) than a value of 10%.


Stroke color for the highlight box.

Fill Outer Area

Fills the area outside the boundaries of highlight box with the color selected in Fill Color. When you choose this option, the area within the highlight box is not colored.


You can observe the fill color around the highlight box only when you preview or publish the project.  


Thickness of the border of the highlight box.

Shadow and reflection


Select the check box to apply shadow to the highlight box. Choose one of the presets. You can customize a preset by clicking Custom.


Select the direction: inner or outer. The preview of the selected direction is displayed on stage.


Click to select a color for the shadow. Specify the alpha for the color, in percentage, in the adjacent field.


Specify a value, in pixels, for the blur of the shadow.


Specify the angle for the shadow.


specify the distance, in pixels, at which the shadow must be displayed.


Select the check box to add reflection to the highlight box. Choose one of the presets.


Display For [Time]

Specifies the duration for which the highlight box is displayed on the slide.

Appear After [#] Seconds

The highlight box appears on the slide after the specified duration.



Transition effect for the highlight box. You can apply a fade in or fade out effect and set the time for the fading effects.

In [#] Seconds

Time for the highlight box to fully fade into view.

Out [#] Seconds

Time for the highlight box to completely disappear.

Add highlight boxes

  1. Select Insert > Standard Objects > Highlight Box.

  2. Use the Property Inspector (Window > Properties) to set the various options for the highlight box.


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