Insert question slides in Adobe Captivate projects

Ensure that you have set up the quiz preferences before inserting question slides. For information on quiz preferences, see Quiz preferences.

  1. In an open project, select the slide after which you want to insert question slides.

  2. Select Quiz > Question Slide.

  3. Select the question types from the following and specify the number of questions slides of each type that must be inserted:

    Multiple Choice

    Users select one or more correct answers from a list.


    Users choose either True or False (or Yes or No).


    Users complete a blank in a sentence or phrase.

    Short Answer

    Users supply a word or phrase.


    Users match entries in two lists.

    Hot Spot

    Users move the pointer over areas on the slide.


    Users arrange listed items in the correct sequence.

    Rating Scale (Likert)

    Users indicate their level of agreement with statements.

    Random Question

    Displays questions that are randomly selected from a question pool to which they are linked. After you select Random Question, select the appropriate question pool in Linked Question Pool. For details, see Random question slides


    You can add a widget question slide only to question pools.

  4. Specify the number of questions.

  5. Specify whether the question is a graded, survey, or a pretest question, and click OK.

    Graded Question

    To evaluate the user using the score you assign for the question.

    Survey Question

    To get user feedback.


    Graded option is not applicable for Rating Scale (Likert) questions.


    To assess users’ knowledge about the subject before they take the course.

New slide(s) with placeholder questions and answers appear in the Filmstrip. For a description of a typical default question slide, see Default question slides.

In addition to the question slide that you have chosen, Adobe Captivate inserts a Quiz Results slide after the question slides. This slide summarizes the points that a user has scored across all the question slides. For more information on the quiz results slide, see Quiz results slide.

After inserting a question slide, replace the placeholder question and answers with the required text. For more information on setting up the different types of slides, see Set up question slides.

Default question slides

A typical default question slide contains placeholders for questions, answer choices, interactive buttons, and default captions.

A typical default question slide
A typical default question slide

A. Question type B. Quiz captions C. Quiz buttons D. Question placeholder E. Answer choices F. Review area G. Progress indicator 

Question type

Indicates the type of question, such as, multiple choice and true/false that you chose while inserting the slides.

Question placeholder

Lets you type your question by editing the default text.

Answer choices

Let you type the answer choices that you want to provide your users by editing the default text.

You can increase the number of answer choices using the Quiz Properties panel.


The way you designate correct answers for your question varies based on the question type. See Set up question slides for information.

Review area

Displays a preconfigured message to your users when they review the quiz using the Review Quiz button on the Quiz Results slide. You can configure the message in quiz preferences (Edit > Preferences > Quiz > Settings > Question Review Messages).

Quiz buttons

Lets users reset their answers, skip the question, go back to a previous question, and submit their answers. You can choose to hide or show these buttons using the Quiz Properties panel.

Quiz captions

Help you provide appropriate messages to the users when they answer the quiz. For more information, see Quiz properties.

Progress indicator

Indicates the question numbers to users in a relative or absolute way. You can disable the progress indicator or change the type in project prefernces. For information, see Set progress indicator preferences.

Quiz results slide

The quiz results slide summarizes the performance of the user at the end of the quiz. You can hide or show the default parameters using the Quiz Properties panel.

Users can choose to continue with the course or review the quiz. When users review the quiz, the Review Area in the question slides displays a preconfigured message. The message indicates whether the user answered the question correctly, or skipped the question. You can customize the review messages in preferences (Edit > Preferences > Quiz > Settings > Quiz Review Messages).

By default, the quiz results slide is inserted after the question slides. You can click and drag the slide in the Filmstrip to any required location, for example, to the end of the course.

If you delete the slide, you can insert it again by clicking Show Score At The End Of The Quiz in project preferences (Edit > Preferences >Quiz > Settings).

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