Save and load Medium files

Learn the basics of saving, loading, and opening files in Medium.

Within Medium, you can save, load, open, and import files for future use.

Save your work

After you have done some sculpting, you can save your work. The two ways to save are:

Save an existing sculpt file

If you loaded a sculpt from disk, Save feature simply resaves your work under the last specified filename, in the same directory. To save an existing file:

  1. Tap the yellow Control Panel button on your Support hand.

  2. Select File > Save.

Save a file for the first time

If you are saving a file for the first time, the Save Sculpt panel opens. To save the sculpt for the first time:

  1. Tap the yellow Control Panel button on your Support hand. 

  2. Select File Save As to open the Save Sculpt panel.

  3. Using the file selector on the left, choose the directory where you want to save the sculpt see Image 1.

  4. Select the Untitled bar at the bottom of the panel and enter a name for the sculpt on the virtual keyboard see Image 2.

  5. Select Save in the lower right corner of the Save Sculpt panel see Image 1.

Image 2: Virtual keyboard.

Image 1: Save Sculpt file selector.

To modify the filename:

  • Use either hand to point at keys on the keyboard.
  • Squeeze the trigger on either hand to select (press) a key.

You can position the cursor by pointing and squeezing at a location inside the filename, or use any of the special keys on the keyboard:

Keyboard keys



Deletes a character.


Clears the entire name.


Saves your sculpt with the specified filename.


Increases the last digit in the filename. If the filename does not end in a number, a 1 is added (and can be incremented by repeating the gesture).

Once you have saved your work (or if you’re working on a sculpt you’ve loaded into Medium), the Save option saves the sculpt with the previously specified filename in its original directory. If you want to save your work under a different filename or location, choose the Save As.


When you are in the file selector, click the star icon in left of the inventory to add any folder as favorite. When the file selector is open (for any file, save, import, or export operation):

  1. Hover over the directory you want to make a favorite, see Image 1.

  2. Aim your Tool hand at the gray star and squeeze the Tool hand trigger, see Image 1.

  3. The star turns green and the directory is added to your Favorites, see Image 2.

  4. The directory is now selectable under your Favorites across sessions.

    Image 1: Select the directory you would like to Favorite.

    Image 2: Select the star to add the directory to Favorites.

Start a New Sculpt

As you work, you may want to discard your current sculpt and begin working on a new one. To start a new sculpt:

  1. Tap the yellow Control Panel button on your Support hand.

  2. Select File > New.


Starting a new sculpt wipes out your current sculpt, so Medium always asks you to confirm this action before you proceed. If you don’t want to lose your work, make sure to save your current sculpt before starting a new one.

Load a saved sculpt

If you previously saved a sculpt, and want to reload it:

  1. Tap the yellow Control Panel button on your Support hand.

  2. Select File > Load Sculpt.

  3. Using the file selector, navigate to the directory containing your sculpt file, see Image 1.

  4. Select any sculpt from the center portion of the Load Sculpt panel, see Image 1.

  5. Now, select Load in the lower right corner of the Load Sculpt panel, see Image 2.

    Image 2: Select Load in the lower right corner to load the sculpt.

    Image 1: Select the sculpt to load from the file browser.

Loading a previously saved sculpt wipes out your current sculpt, so Medium warns you if you have current unsaved changes. You can:

  • Ignore: ignore the warning and continue loading the previously saved sculpt.
  • Save: save your work in progress before loading.
  • Cancel: cancel the load.

Make sure to save your current sculpt before loading a new one.

What's Next?

Now that you have learned about how to save and load your Medium file, check out Sculpting Tools next.

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