How to group objects in Adobe Captivate

To work with your projects faster, you can group objects on a slide. Grouping lets you move, rotate, or edit multiple objects as if they were a single object. For example, you select a group and apply a shadow effect. Changes made to the group are applied to all the objects in the group at the same time.

  1. Hold down the Shift key (on Win) or Command key (on Mac) and click the objects that you want to group. You can also select existing groups to combine them into a single group.


    Nested grouping is not supported in Adobe Captivate.

  2. Click Edit > Create Group.

  3. In the Property Inspector, specify a name for the group, if required.

A new ‘folder’ (for example, Group_1) comprising the grouped objects is created in the Timeline.

When you hover your mouse over an object in a group, the outline of the group is marked with dashed-lines.

Grouped objects on a slide
Grouped objects on a slide

When you select an object for grouping, all related objects also get grouped. For example, if you select the ‘Success caption’ associated with a click box, failure, hint captions and the click box are also grouped.

You cannot group the following objects:

  • Slidelet

  • Mouse

  • Audio

  • Question items and answers

On question slides, you can group only objects, such as, highlight boxes and buttons.

You can ungroup a group of objects and group them again as necessary.

Object groups and z-order

The ‘group’ folder in the Timeline is created on the layer of the object with the hightest z-index. In the ‘group’ folder, the objects are stacked with the descending order of z-index (from top to bottom of the Timeline).

You can change the z-order of the grouped objects in one of the following ways:

  • Right-click the object stack, click Arrange, and choose the appropriate option.

  • Drag-and-drop the object stack at the required level (z-index0.

Ungroup objects

  • To ungroup all objects in a group, click the group, and then click Edit > Ungroup.

  • To remove a specific object from the group, click the group and then click the object. Right-click on the object, and click Remove From Group.

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