This document provides instructions for Acrobat XI. If you're using Acrobat DC, see Acrobat DC Help.

Start a shared review

The shared PDF that you send includes the Annotation and Drawing Markups panels, and instructions in the document message bar.

  1. Choose Comment > Review > Send For Shared Review.


    You can also start a shared review directly from other applications that use PDFMaker, such as Microsoft Word. Choose Adobe PDF > Convert To Adobe PDF And Send For Review. For Office 2007/2010 applications, choose Acrobat > Create And Send For Review.

  2. If prompted, specify a PDF.
  3. Choose a delivery and collection method. You can use your own internal server. Then follow the onscreen instructions.

  4. On the email screen, specify the following settings as needed:

    Delivery Method

    Click to specify a different delivery and collection method from the one that is currently selected.

    To, Cc

    Enter the email addresses of your reviewers. Insert a semicolon or a return after each address. Click the To or Cc button to select email addresses from your email application address book.

    Subject, Message

    Preview and edit the email subject and message as needed. Acrobat saves any changes you make and displays them the next time you send a document for review. To use the default email message, click Reset Default Message.

    Review Deadline

    Click to specify a different date or no deadline. After the review deadline expires, reviewers cannot publish comments.


    If the review deadline expires while a reviewer has the document open in Acrobat, then the reviewer can publish comments before closing the document.

  5. Click Send.

Acrobat creates a copy of the shared review file, named [original filename]_review.pdf, in the same folder as the original file you specified for the review.

Start an email-based review

When you start an email-based review, you send out a tracked copy of the PDF, enabling you to easily merge comments that you receive. (Form fields in a PDF aren’t fillable during the review.) After initiating a shared review, you can also start an email-based review with the same PDF.

Start the review

Before you start an email-based review, make sure that your email application or webmail account is configured to work with Acrobat. (See Select an email application for reviews.)

  1. Choose Comment > Review > Send for Email Review.

  2. If prompted, enter information in the Identity Setup dialog box.

  3. Specify a PDF if it isn’t already open, and then click Next. The PDF that you specify becomes the master file. You’ll merge comments you receive from reviewers into this file.

  4. Specify reviewers by typing their email addresses. Insert a semicolon or a return between each address. Click Address Book to select email addresses from your email application or webmail address book.

  5. Preview and edit the email invitation as needed, and then click Send Invitation.

A copy of the PDF is sent to the reviewers as an attachment. When this PDF attachment is opened, it presents commenting tools and instructions.

Merge comments

After you receive comments from reviewers, you can merge the comments into the master PDF.

  1. After a reviewer sends you comments, open the attached file in your email application. If the email application can’t find the original version of the PDF, it prompts you to browse for it.


    It’s possible to forward comments to the initiator if you didn’t initiate the review. First merge these comments into your copy of the PDF. Then send the comments (see Send comments in email). If you’ve sent your comments already, the initiator receives only new comments. Merged comments retain the original author name.

  2. If you initiated the review, the Merge Comments dialog box appears. Select one of the following options:


    Opens the master copy of the PDF and merges all comments into it. After comments are merged, save the master PDF.

    No, Open This Copy Only

    Opens the reviewer’s copy of the PDF with comments. If you select this option, you can still merge comments by choosing Comments > Merge Comments Onto Master PDF.


    Closes the reviewer’s PDF that contains comments.


    You can hide comments that you don’t want to merge by using the Show menu in the Comments list. Save and reopen the PDF, and then select Yes in the Merge PDF dialog box.

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