When running an installer created by the Creative Cloud Packager on Mac, the following error occurs:

“The installation failed. The Installer encountered an error that caused the installation to fail. Contact the software manufacturer for assistance”

A security certificate in certain versions of Adobe software has expired

The error occurs when you have included the following applications in your packages created prior to March 9, 2017:

  • Adobe Scout CC (1.1.3)
  • Lightroom 4.4 and 5.7.1
  • Acrobat DC


New installers with current certificates for Acrobat, Lightroom 5.7, and Adobe Scout have been made available as of March 9, 2017.

To correct this problem:

Lightroom 4 for Mac OS has been removed from Creative Cloud. If you would like to install Lightroom 4.4, use the individual installers available here: Install Photoshop Lightroom.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Packages built prior to March 9, 2017 which include the above listed applications should no longer be installed. They must be rebuilt using the above guidelines. If you have attempted to install a package which includes the listed items and you have encountered this error, restart you computer before attempting to run another installation package.

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