Disc burning guidelines

There are several reasons why a DISC/DVD burn operation fails, many of them avoidable:

  • Unreliable media

It is important that you use reliable media to keep your data safe, secure, and available for years to come. Make sure that you use the best quality media devices. Check the disc surface before recording. Scratches and dust greatly increase the possibility of disc burn failures. Try a new disk or a different brand.

  • No firmware maintenance and upgrades

With the advancement of technology, the burner firmware needs to be in sync with disc technology. Keep your drivers and firmware up to date.
Due to the presence of dust and other foreign materials, burners sometimes fail to write to discs. Ensure that the disk lens is clean to reduce burning failures.

  • High-speed burning

Avoid high-speed burning as much as possible. High-speed burning can result in failures that will eventually lead to more time being spent on burning the disc. Go with optimal or slow speed burning for reliable burning results.

  • Multitasking on your computer

In most cases, computers are designed to multitask. However, it's best to avoid heavy weight tasks while a disc burn operation is in progress.
Suggestion: Leave the disc burning operation to complete overnight. In the absence of multiple tasks running at the same time, your computer is more likely to successfully burn the disc by the next morning. Also, as mentioned earlier, ensure that you use reliable media.

For more information, see Guidelines for successful disc burning.

Disc burn failure

When a disc burn operation is unsuccessful due to a hardware failure, Premiere Elements creates and saves an ISO image on your computer. You can burn the ISO image to a disc, at a convenient time.

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