Expert view timeline zooms in when dragging clips | MacBook Pro, retina display

The Expert view timeline zooms unexpectedly

The Expert view timeline sometimes zooms in if you drag a clip from Finder or the Project Assets panel to the Expert view timeline. The Expert view timeline can also zoom in if you drag the clip handles to trim a clip.

This behavior is most obvious when working with Adobe Premiere Elements on MacBook Pro with retina display.

Solution 1: Download the ZIP file to your hard disk and extract the contents


Perform the following procedure:

  1. Browse to the installation folder for Adobe Premiere Elements. Usually, it is at ../Application/Adobe Premiere Elements [Version]/Support Files.

  2. Ctrl-click the Adobe Premiere file, and choose Show Package Contents.

  3. Go to Content/Frameworks and make a backup copy of the HandlerTimeline.Framework file at a different location on your computer.

  4. Replace the HandlerTimeline.Framework file with the contents of the ZIP file you extracted earlier.

  5. Restart Adobe Premiere Elements.

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