The Music Remix feature in Premiere Elements allows you to easily increase or decrease the length of an audio clip to match the desired duration without losing the continuity of the audio content.
The Remix tool analyzes your song files, identifying hundreds of loops, transitions, and important segments, and then allows you to quickly remix to any duration.

Music Remix

Remix is enabled by default in Music track in the Quick and the Expert view. To remix an audio clip, do the following:

  1. Insert a clip onto an audio track in Quick mode or a music track in Expert mode.


    For better results, use audio clips with more instrumentals and less vocals.

    Audio track
    Audio track in Quick mode

    Music track
    Music track in Expert mode

  2. Resize the clip by dragging the remix handles.


    The remix handles are different from the trim handles .

When you drag the remix handles from either side of the audio clip, the audio is remixed to the new duration.

Remixing consists of two parts:

  1. Preparing the clip for remixing: In this step, the application scans the audio clip to identify the segments or parts that can be stitched together later to create the output sequence for desired duration. This is a one-time process while remixing an audio for a session.
Preparing for remixing
Preparing the clip for remixing

  1. Remixing the clip: In this step the prospective segments are identified (based on the desired output duration) and stitched together.
Remixing the clip
Remixing the clip


While remixing, the application tries to change the length of the music to be as close to the target duration as possible while still attempting to sound natural. It removes or loops certain parts of music resulting in the output music being exactly same as the target duration.
To provide an exact match for output duration, time stretch is applied to the intermediate output sequence making sure that it sounds good. Hence, a message is displayed if remixing is applied to get the target duration of less than 60 seconds.

Remixing below 60 seconds
Remixing below 60 seconds

While remixing a clip, a Remix folder gets created in the Project Assets panel with the newly created remixed audio clip. The remixed audio clip can then be used anywhere on the timeline as a regular audio clip.


The remixed audio clip present in the Remix folder is the original output from the algorithm and that on the timeline is the Time stretched version to match exact duration.

Project assets

Remix settings

Do one of the following to open the Remix settings context menu:

  • Double click any remixed audio clip in the Music track.
  • Click the  icon in the remixed audio clip in the Music track.

Audio Segments:

The audio segments parameter helps in deciding whether to favor shorter segments with more transitions or longer segments with fewer transitions. If there are frequent changes in the track, then shorter segments with more transitions provide a better output. On the other hand, tracks with a consistent structure and style may benefit from fewer transitions, keeping any changes to a minimum.


Results in shorter segments, but in more transitions. This option is suited for songs that changes from beginning to end to minimize abrupt changes in dynamics or tempo.


Looks for the longest passages and smallest number of segments to minimize transitions.

Fit Entire Video:

This option, if selected, changes the length of the music clip to match the length of the video on the timeline. It extends/shortens the length from the right side of the clip.

Remix preferences

Remix is set as the default behavior for Music track. To set regular trimming as the default behavior go to Edit > Preferences > Audio > Remix and choose Trim for the drop-down.

However, you can also switch between remix and regular trimming while working on an audio clip by pressing Alt while dragging the handles.

Remix preferences


The Music Remix feature works on music clips and cannot be used on Music Scores (downloaded from Music panel), Instant Movie, smart trim, favorite moment trimming, or Video collage outputs.