Remove haze, fog, or smog from a video.

You can now remove the dampening effect that environmental or atmospheric conditions have on your videos, particularly videos of landscapes. Using the Haze Removal filter, you can reduce the masking effect that haze, fog, or smog creates.

You can use the Haze Removal filter in one of the following ways:

Manual haze removal

  1. Add a video to the Timeline in the Quick or Expert mode.

  2. Do one of the following:

    In Quick View: Choose the Effects tab and select Video Effects. Select and drag the Haze Removal effect onto the desired video.

    In Expert View: Choose the Effects tab and select Advanced Adjustments. Select and drag the Haze Removal effect onto the desired video.

    Haze Removal effect
    Haze Removal effect in Expert View


    You can also search for the effect by typing Haze Removal in the search box.

  3. The video is processed, and the effect of haze or fog is reduced. You can repeat step 2 to further apply the effect on more videos.

    You can also choose Applied Effects > Haze Removal and use the Haze Reduction and Sensitivity sliders to achieve the desired level of haze reduction manually. Uncheck the Auto Haze Removal check box to use the sliders.

    • Haze Reduction: Controls the amount of haze or fog in a video.
    • Sensitivity: Specifies the threshold for applying haze removal. Larger the sensitivity, more aggressive is the haze reduction. This is mainly used for dealing with sky regions. More aggressive removal of haze can bring noise in the sky region.
    Haze Removal
  4. Use the toggle icon to see the effectiveness of the Haze Reduction feature on the video.

  5. To cancel haze removal, delete, or hide (using toggle) the effect from the Applied Effects panel.

Auto haze removal

  1. Open a video in Premiere Elements, in the Quick or Expert mode and apply the Haze Removal effect on it.

  2. Select Haze Removal from the Applied Effects tab.

  3. Select Auto Haze Removal that calculates the amount of haze reduction automatically depending upon the amount of haze in the video. 

    Auto Dehaze


    After selecting Auto Haze Removal, the Haze Reduction slider is disabled. However, the Sensitivity slider remains enabled and you can use the slider to get better output.

Before haze removal
After haze removal