Issue: Premiere Elements crashes when loading movie menus or working with PSD files on a Mac OS computer

When initiating the Movie Menu workflow on some Mac computers, loading any of the themes may cause Premiere Elements to crash. Premiere Elements also crashes when working with PSD files. These are known issues that are caused by the Color Profile information not loading correctly.

When you import a PSD file or load a Movie Menu theme, one of the components tries to load the Color Profile file that may be present on your computer. The Color sync workflow of the earlier versions of Photoshop and Photoshop Elements is responsible for creating the Color Profile file. When this file does not load correctly, it causes Premiere Elements to crash.

Note: This issue is specific to Mac OS.

Solution: Delete the .csf files

Delete the Color Profile file that is causing Premiere Elements to crash.

Navigate to ~/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Color/Settings and delete files with the .csf extension.

If you see a Recommended folder at ~/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Color/Settings, delete all the contents of the Settings folder except for the Recommended folder itself.

The outdated files are no longer required and will have no impact on the functioning of the product.

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