Working with source clips

Find the source of a clip

After working with a clip in the Expert view timeline, you may decide to use another instance of its source in another part of the movie. Premiere Elements can quickly find the source of any clip in a movie and automatically select it in the Project Assets panel.

  1. Do one of the following:
    • In the Project Assets panel, search the clip by typing its name in the Search box.

    • Right‑click a clip in the Expert view timeline, and choose Reveal In Project.

    The clip appears highlighted in the Project Assets panel.

Remove In and Out points from a source clip

  1. In the Project Assets panel, double-click the clip.
  2. Choose Clip > Clear Clip Marker, and choose an option from the menu:
    • In And Out resets both the In and Out points.

    • In resets the In point only.

    • Out resets the Out point only.

      Tip: You can also clear an In or Out point from a source clip (not the version in the Expert view timeline) by Alt‑clicking the Set In Point button or the Set Out Point button, respectively, in the Preview window.

Edit a clip in its original application

Some files contain embedded information, called a project link, which indicates the application in which they were created. Adobe Photoshop Elements, Adobe Audition, and Adobe After Effects® create files with project links. If a file contains a project link, you can use the Edit Original command to open the file in the original application, where you can make changes as needed. You will not need to render the file before using this command, unless you have made changes to it in Premiere Elements. When you save the file in the original application, Premiere Elements automatically incorporates any changes you made there into the current project. You don’t need to import the file again.


You can embed information into your movie that allows other applications, such as Adobe After Effects or Adobe Encore, to use the Edit Original command to open the movie in Premiere Elements.

  1. Select a clip in the Project Assets panel or the Expert view timeline.
  2. Choose Edit > Edit Original.
  3. When you have finished editing the clip, save and close.

    Your changes become incorporated into your project in Premiere Elements.

    note: Typically, audio files are associated with a computer’s default audio player. Selecting Edit Original for an audio file may therefore open it in an application, such as iTunes®, that is not designed to edit files. You will not be able to edit audio files in these applications.


Edit video frames in Adobe Photoshop Elements

If video frames need correction or enhancement, you can automatically open the frames in Adobe Photoshop Elements after you export them as still images and insert them in your movie.

  1. In the Quick view timeline or the Expert view timeline of Adobe Premiere Elements, drag the current-time indicator to the frame you want to edit.
  2. In the Action bar, select Tools and choose Freeze Frame from the Tools panel.
  3. To set Freeze Frame Duration, drag the Seconds value.
  4. Select Edit In Photoshop Elements After Inserting, and then click Insert In Movie.
  5. In the Photoshop Elements Editor, edit the image (apply filters, styles, effects, brush strokes, and so on).

    note: If you resize the image, it may become distorted in the video frame.

  6. If you added image layers, choose Layer > Flatten Image.
  7. When you finish making changes, choose File > Save.
  8. Accept the default choices for file location and name, and click Save.
  9. When Photoshop Elements reports that a file with the same name already exists, click OK to replace the file. Then click OK in the BMP Option dialog box.

    Premiere Elements automatically updates the frame in your movie.


Adobe Premiere Elements 13 enables auto correction of quality problems in video files that have smart tags associated to them. When you add such clips to the Quick view timeline or the Expert view timeline, the SmartFix dialog is displayed. Click Yes to confirm the correction of clips.

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