Installing plugins and extensions in Premiere Pro

Premiere Pro offers various features that allow you to extend its capability using plugins, extensions, and custom panels.

Premiere Pro supports third-party plugins that can be easily installed to add new features, effects, and tools to the application. You can install these extensions (also called add-ons) from the Creative Cloud desktop app.

  1. Download the Creative Cloud desktop app and select Stock & Marketplace > Plugins

    UI of Creative Cloud desktop app, highlighting the Stock & Marketplace and Plugins tabs.
    Plugins will help you enhance the extensibility of Premiere Pro.

  2. Search for plugins and install the ones you want to use by selecting Get

  3. Some plugins require purchase. Select the button that lists the price and follow the onscreen installation instructions.

Plugins can be used to create custom panels that integrate with the Premiere Pro interface and provide a more streamlined workflow. Download the Best Practices & Workflow Guide and see Chapter 11 for detailed information.


You can view or manage all your plugins in the All plugins and Manage plugins sections.

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