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The Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 (6.0.5) bug-fix update addresses an issue with the Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 (6.0.4) update. This update is recommended for all users.

To install the update, choose Help > Updates in Premiere Pro CS6.

The update shows up in Adobe Application Manager (or Adobe Creative Cloud for members). Restart the Application Manager or Creative Cloud application if you aren’t seeing the update.

Install the update using the methods described above. But you can also download the updates directly for Mac OS or Windows.

A summary of the key issues resolved in the Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 (6.0.4) update follows.

  • Spanned AVCHD clips could sometimes play back incorrectly.
  • Smart rendering could sometimes cause segments to play back in the wrong order or incorrectly.
  • Smart rendering progress could sometimes stall and become unresponsive.
  • Adobe Premiere Pro could sometimes crash while the user was editing a growing QuickTime file.
  • When importing a Final Cut Pro XML file, audio clips could sometimes incorrectly import with a level of -∞.

The Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 (6.0.5) update fixes a problem with the setting of In and Out points in the Source Monitor. Because updates are cumulative, installing the current Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 (6.0.5) update gives you the fixes in the Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 (6.0.4) update, too.

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