Create rolling and crawling titles using the Legacy Titler

Learn how to create movie-style titles in the Premiere Pro Titler that roll or crawl across the screen, and set timing options to customize the rolling and crawling titles you use in your projects.

Though static titles, graphics, and logos suffice for some projects, many others require titles that move across the screen. Titles that move vertically over the footage are called rolls. Titles that move horizontally are called crawls.


The length of the title clip in a Timeline panel determines the speed of the roll or crawl. The more you increase the title clip length, the slower the movement.

Create a rolling or crawling title

  1. Do one of the following:
    • To create a rolling title, choose Title > New Title > Default Roll.

    • To create a crawling title, choose Title > New Title > Default Crawl.

  2. Create the text and graphic objects for the rolling or crawling title. Use the Titler panel scroll bar to view offscreen areas of the title. When the title is added to the sequence, the offscreen areas roll or crawl into view.

    For rolling credits, create a long text box using the Area Type tool, and use alignment, tabs, and leading to adjust the formatting.

  3. In the Titler panel, click the Roll/Crawl Options button .
  4. Specify the appropriate Direction and Timing options, and then click OK.

    You can specify a direction for crawling titles only.

    Andrew Devis provides this video tutorial on creating rolling titles.


Choose Roll/Crawl timing options

Start Off Screen

Specifies that the roll begins out of view and scrolls into view.

End Off Screen

Specifies that the roll continues until the objects are out of view.


Specifies the number of frames that play before the roll begins.


Specifies the number of frames through which the title rolls at a slowly increasing speed until the title reaches the playback speed.


Specifies the number of frames through which the title scrolls at a slowly decreasing speed until the roll completes.


Specifies the number of frames that play after the roll completes.

Crawl Left, Crawl Right

Specifies the direction in which the crawl moves.

Convert a title to another type

  1. In the Titler Panel, select the text box you want to convert, and click the Roll/Crawl options button.
  2. For Title Type, specify the type of title you want, and if necessary, specify Timing options.
  3. Click OK.


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