Feature summary | Premiere Pro (August 2022 release)

The design tools in Premiere Pro, combined with the search and edit capabilities of the Text panel, let you craft incredible, custom titles and graphics for any video project. Your titles can be simple, with beautiful typography or enriched with graphics and animations. With the Text panel, you can manage projects with hundreds of titles, and it’s easy to save the designs you want to re-use in your own template libraries.

The latest update of Premiere Pro gives you more controls when adding textures to letters or shapes and the ability to export all of the titles in your sequence as text files for easy reviews. Thanks to new contextual menus, it’s faster and easier to edit any layer in your design.

Finer masking controls for titles

Now you have more control when designing titles with background images or texture. Premiere Pro already supports using Text and Shape Layers as masks. With this new option, you can apply a mask only to a layer's fill, allowing the strokes and shadows to render without being part of the mask.

For more information, see Create mask layers.

Context menu for text and shapes

Stylize a title by right-clicking it and selecting Edit Properties
Stylize a title by right-clicking it and selecting Edit Properties

Get fast access to the design tools for stylizing your titles and graphics. You can now right-click a text or shape layer in the Program Monitor and select Edit Properties from the context menu to open the graphics panel. There you can customize your title with fonts, colors, and styling options.


You can also open the graphics panel by choosing Captions and Graphics from the Workspace menu. 

Export titles as text files from the Graphics tab

Now it’s easy to turn the titles in your video into a text document, to print out or share with others. This is great for clients who don’t have access to video review, or people who just prefer to review the spelling and names in a clean text-only environment.

 Of course, you can also do your reviews right in the Text panel: search, replace, bulk edit, and spell check all of your titles easily and efficiently, even if there are hundreds of them in your sequence.


The ability to export transcripts and captions as text files was already available in the Text panel.  

This functionality is now available for titles, including any graphics and Motion Graphics templates containing text. 

For more information, see Export text from Premiere Pro.

Adjustable Fades for Audio Ducking

Auto Ducking lowers the volume of soundtrack or other background audio when there is dialog so it’s easier to hear. And now, with the new Fade Position slider, it's easier and faster to get the results you want.

 Auto Ducking uses Adobe Sensei AI to automatically adjust background audio for dialog or voiceovers. With the new Fade Position slider, you can choose when the ducking happens in relation to the foreground audio. More control over the fade behavior means fewer manual adjustments are needed, if any.

For more information, see Audio Ducking.

More GPU-accelerated effects

GPU acceleration means better performance for effects when editing video or exporting finished videos. Almost all of the effects in Premiere Pro are GPU-accelerated and in this release, we have added acceleration for two more. 

  • Unsharp Mask lets you apply sharpening to a selected area of their image.

  • Posterize Time lets you manually adjust the frame rate of your video to stylize the look and feel of it. For example, you could reduce 60 frames per second to 24 fps for a more cinematic feel or even 12 fps to create a stop-motion effect. 

Initializing GPU dialog

The Initializing GPU dialog
The Initializing GPU dialog

On the first launch after a new installation or driver update, Premiere Pro needs to initialize the GPU. A new progress bar shows when this is happening.  


During initialization, playback in Premiere Pro may be delayed. Depending on your GPU, this process is usually quite fast and isn't required for subsequent launches.


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