Sync presets on multiple devices

Photoshop Preset Syncing lets you manage your favorite presets by seamlessly syncing them to any desktop device, making exporting and importing across devices or app versions a thing of the past.

Sync Photoshop presets

When Preset Syncing is enabled, your presets on one device will sync up your Creative Cloud and sync down to any other desktop device you log into using the same Adobe ID.

Sync your Photoshop presets
Easily sync your presets in Photoshop to the Creative Cloud and access them on your other desktop devices.

When enabled, the following preset types will sync to your Creative Cloud:

  • Brushes 
  • Gradients
  • Swatches
  • Styles
  • Shapes
  • Patterns

Currently, the following preset types do not sync to Creative Cloud — Workspaces, Tools, Contours, Sky replacement, and Camera Raw presets or profiles.

Enable Preset Syncing

Preset Syncing is turned off by default. You can enable or disable Preset Syncing in Preferences > General > Preset Syncing

Preset Syncing preference
Preset Syncing preference

Toggle Preset Syncing Off

When you uncheck Preset Syncing you will be presented with a dialog asking whether to keep your currently synced presets so other devices can still access them, or to delete your synced presets from your account.

Caution: When choosing No, any presets that are currently synced will be removed from the Creative Cloud and delete any presets on other systems with Preset Syncing enabled.

Toggle Preset Syncing On

When you enable Preset Syncing you will be presented with a confirmation dialog.

Common Questions

Can I use Preset Syncing as a backup?

Preset Syncing is intended to be used as a secure backup, however we always recommend having a manual backup your favorite presets.

Will the organization of my presets be retained?

Yes. Preset folders, hierarchy, and order will all be retained across devices with Preset Sync enabled.

How can I tell if my Presets are done syncing?

Preset Syncing in Creative Cloud desktop
Presets syncing in Creative Cloud desktop

In the Creative Cloud desktop app, click the cloud icon in the upper-right corner to show current File sync status.

If File syncing is still in progress on either machine then presets are still being synced.

When File syncing shows as Up to date, your presets will be done syncing.

At first sync, why has Photoshop become unresponsive?

If Photoshop has seemed to freeze when you first enable Preset Syncing, please be patient and do not force quit Photoshop. If you have a large amount of presets to sync, it may take a minute or two for the initial sync to complete.

Why don't my synced presets show up on another computer?

Make sure Preset Syncing is enabled on all devices you want your presets to sync between. Enabling Preset Syncing on one computer does not automatically enable Preset Syncing on your other computers.